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    So I have something that bugs me for ages in games: Fixed parcels, mainly squares. It’s incredibly ugly to have a curved road and the houses on the side still have fixed parcel sizes. CitiesXL mitigated it somewhat by enabling the player to lay down terrain (although it was finicky and it should have been automatic).

    I am not really disappointed by this being in the game, were it not for the fact that you devs actually did research on this exact topic (second article:”http://www.train-fever.com/about/). The article is pretty interesting actually.
    So you have the perfect algorithm to create dynamic parcels, but you do not implement it in the game. Is this not implemented for technical reasons? Because I would really like having a system like this in the game, even though in a simpler way for these technical reasons.

    I have only seen the cities of Train fever a few times (at my brothers, my copy comes today), but I really hoped the stuff researched in the article was also implement int he game to make non-US (so, anything other than blocks) cities nicer. Will this be implemented at some point?

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