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    I wonder if i see a bug that wasn’t there before the latest update… The E 103 locomotive dissapeared from the ‘buy new vehicles’ depot…. It’s 1997 on my map at the moment. All that’s left for me to buy re locomotives is the Class 218 diesel and Re 6/6 electric…. (EMU’s and TGV’s are all there). And i saw the E 103 still there a minute ago !…. It’s not like it is redundant all of a sudden, is it ?….

    I want to use it for a fast goods line. I had just upgraded an oil/goods transport line with multiple freight station. Trains getting old so i sold them. Bought the Re 6/6 to deliver the raw oil to the refinery. That’s when i saw the E 103 which i wanted to buy to deliver the goods. Setup a new depot near the city’s freight station, clicked the depot to buy the E 103…… gone !

    Never seen this before. Anyone else ?…..


    It’s not a bug, it works as intended. The E103 is available in game from 1965 until 1997.

    If you want it available for more years you must edit the br_103_1.mdl file (if you download “tf-edit” from the german forum is easier to edit vehicles).

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    Wait a few more years and you get a more suitable replacement loco.


    Ok! I loaded a saved game just before the one i was working on. 1996 and there was the E103 again. I never noticed 1997 as the lifespan…. In real life the’re still running so i didn’t think they’d be taken out of the game so early. Pity… i like them. Now i’m puttering on at 140 km on my highspeed track…  😉

    Thanks, guys !




    There is a trick you can use to have new ones when they are no longer sold. If you send an old one to depot then when it reaches depot you can use copy button.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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