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    A mod to fix some sounds that were annoying:

    Mouse hover sound in main menu silenced

    All money making sounds silenced (more on this later)

    New vehicle sound replaced

    People now say ‘hi’ when you click on them


    To install: Extract to your Train Fever/res\audio\effects folder, overwriting the contents. Make a backup first!

    There are 3 different sounds to indicate that you have made some money. I thought that the different sounds would be associated with differing amounts of money coming in. To test this theory, I overwrote the original files with me saying ‘zero’ ‘one’ ‘two’ to know which sound was being triggered at what time, then set up a small bus line with one bus. Unfortunately, my test showed that the sounds are assigned randomly. So I had no choice but to nuke all the money making sounds. They really never stop after a certain point and the incessant sound is just annoying.

    New vehicle sound was just stupid, replaced with a pleasant chime sound. Replacing the people responses was just for fun.

    Hope this helps someone. It sure helped me.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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