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    Whenever I play this game I give up shortly after because of the horrible edge scrolling or lack thereof.

    How can it still be this bad? Or am I the only one having this usability problem?

    I know I can use the arrow keys but I would like to use the mouse as I do in all other games. This is not rocket science.

    Apart from the bad scrolling in different directions (right seems to work even worse than the other three directions on my computer) it just doesn’t detect the edge at all if there is a small info pop up window at that place.

    Please make this work!!!


    I’ve found that that edge scrolling, and the arrow keys stop working if you click the ‘go to’ cross in the top LH corner of a city info panel.  The only way to restore the function is to exit and re-start the game.  It’s annoying!


    It’s full of this kind of badly coded UI issues. It’s like there hasn’t been a single thought given to user friendlines and it just turned out like this. And the world is full of games showing how it should be done, and what is more or less and standard. For example in edge scrolling. I think that because they don’t know how to code it to work on top of the menus, they had to split the menu to each corner and side of the screen to allow enough clear edge so it works at least in some parts.


    I didnt notice this problem, but that must be because I hold down the mouse buttons and move the mouse rather than touch the edge of the screen.


    You can also use thr AWSD keys and also use the right mouse button to click and drag the scenery.


    Another related problem is that the keys stop working after you save the game, or change the name of a line, etc.  It seems as if the focus isn’t returned to the main window after it is caught by the input line.

    A workaround is to click on the main scene.  After that, the keys work as usual again. (At least, this happens in Linux)


    I have noticed that sometimes, I need to click the map wit the mouse’s scroll wheel to enable the AWSD keys.


    I would like to know if there are plans to fix the edge of screen scrolling so that it works completely around the edge of the screen.  I think Train Fever is one of the best train games ever, but the scrolling (or lack of scrolling) annoys me so much that I don’t play it often & when I do it is only for short periods.  After each update I hope that this has been fixed.

    As long as I know that you have plans to fix this sometime in the future, I would be very happy.  Can a developer please confirm?  Thanks.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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