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    Would it be possible to bring ingame with a later DLC editable stations? Cause when every station looks like the other it would be a little bit boring. Also not every Station has a Building, some only have the platforms, cause it is cheaper. Editable Stations would also be nice to see them grow and to see how they are looking like when their citys are big. So you start with an single Station with building and one platform in a village. But the Railway-Line is important for the fright trains so it is build to a 2 track-line. The Village is growing and so it needs a second platform. In the further Game a second Line is crossing so first it is connected to the current platforms and a third platform is edited. The Village is now a town and Long rage-Trains should stop there so the Home-Platform, Platform 1 is made longer for those trains. While the Town gets more and more important as a crossing-station is would be change to a tower-station like Osnabrück Hbf (Germany).

    I hope it is understandable what I mean. This feature would make the Game much more interesting, cause every town has his own “developed” Station and for the player it also would be a reason to start as early as possible, so that he can see how the Stations in the different towns are developing with his railway-network.



Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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