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    I just quit a game because of some crocodile locomotive that was stuck.  Three other lines broke down during my effords to fix that line. I tried to find the missing bit of electrification for an hour and a half and now I am tierd of this nonsense. Tonight I’m going to Tropico instead!

    Could please, please somebody implement any of the following features:

    • electrifiy everything
    • electrify everything on a single line
    • show the user where the heck is the missing bit of electrification.

    The same problem sometimes exists if you missed to build the last piece of track, but at least there will be (in most cases) no traffic on the line, and with some work (I don’t call this fun anymore!!) you can fiddle out what’s going on.

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    Update: after thinking about it, I realized that RRT3 alsways shew the whole track in colors, during electrification. Un-electrified  was blue, electrified pink. You can do the same with red & green if you wish, but the point is that the program must give decent feedback. (this would accord to my solution #3)



    this has cost me some frustrating hours as well.

    also, especially when it comes to non-trivial track layouts, it would be _very_ appreciated if there were some means of debugging why a given train won’t the h*ll use a certain path (something like colouring tracks ahead of the running train in green up to the point where it cannot continue, preferrably with an explanation why that is so)


    Hi, I have been countering the same problem.

    The train stands still and the message it gives is that there is no track / no line (I play in German so don’t know exactly what the English message is)

    But anyway, when this occurs I always select the electrify-tool and follow the line the loc is supposed to go.

    You have to look carefully for the little piece that stays green instead of already red. In every single time I got this message there was a small piece of electrified track along the lind the Loc had to ride.


    I had this same problem and found that I also had to electrify the lil bit of track coming out of the train depot. When I had to add the wires tho, it would do large pieces of sections and not each track section how I layed it like others said it did, thankfully because I build using smaller sections to hug the terrain more instead of one long piece that produces bridges and tunnels.


    Well, my train ran out of the depot and reached the first station. (I got a steam achievement for it), but then, the train stopped for the first time, saying there is no route. So I fiddled around a bit and –hurray! hurray!– the train got to the next station. This took me a couple of minutes.

    But then, the train was stuck again and I could not get a grip on it. I ran through the line several times, but it was built chaotically: with lots of crossings and so on. Tearing the track down was also not an option because other trains were stuck on the track as well.

    Finally I gave up.

    There must be at least more feedback. If all electrified track was, say, green and all no-electrified way red the gap would have been easy to spot. But in TF only the track with the mouse under it is colorized. This is not enough if you search for a single pixel, or just very few pixels!

    As long as electrified track is so complicated, I have to play only with the Steam and Diesel Trains.

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    First off always pause the game while trouble shooting. It prevents your other lines from breaking down while trying to find the problem.  I had to follow my lines all the way around highlighting each portion until I found the break in the electrical connection.  Once I did that the “line” indicators popped up on the tracks and I knew I was back in business.


    With TF simple is best. I had a ton of different switches, bridges, crossings etc and I only use a few of them now later in the game.

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