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    My question to all the fellow transport sim genre lovers?

    1-How hard will it be to , lets say have industries and chains as in the lines of railroad tycoon or industry giant (like in numbers ,as there were hundreds in both of them, and you can see how much is required in a city and deliver that amount and the city grows).

    Do you think that is something mods can do , or do you think that is something that the devs can only door  Probably wont be done , because it will mean redoing the whole codes and system of game.


    It is good to mention that in the Train Fever (TF) economical system the goods, produced by the heavy industry outside your cities and delivered to the industry quarters inside your cities, are intermediate goods, not consumer goods. The local industry (each individual factory is counted) in the cities needs these intermediate goods to operate and grow. The production of consumer goods by the local industry is TF an abstraction. In the TF economical system the local industries demands, beside their yearly needed amount of goods, the population (also individual counted) as labour force. So in return of consuming the intermediate goods the local industry creates jobs, thus keeping and attracting inhabitants, but also commuters from neighbouring cities.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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