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    Skumle Rafte

    I have a long line with multiple stops on it, it also have trains with different speeds. I’d really like the fast ones to pass the slow ones when possible, I tried with double oneway loops with long enough tracks to have it possible for the fast one to pick the “free” track and the pass the slow one. But it always just picks the one where the slow train is already running.

    I also tried with two platforms on the stations, they still just cues up.


    What can I do?

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    An option is to define 2 lines: the fast line and the slow line. The slow line you configure it will stop at every station, and for the fast line you construct bypass tracks at those stations. A typical setup for a station like this is a straight double line with at both sides a single track station placed along side to it. The straight track is the shortest, and so the pathfinder will select thos tracks for the fast line. The slow line is forced to go by the platforms.

    It’s just an idea, a compromis as long we do not have waypoints.

    Skumle Rafte

    Yeah, I htought about that to, drawback is that it will create more lines and less passengers per line (it think?)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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