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    Hi all I’ve been waiting for YEARS for a transport sim to rival TTD and its OTTD variant, I’m hoping that this is the game it promises to be, and doesn’t miss the mark completely like some current transport sims have..  Something with the public transport network like the original cities in motion, not the new one, ( I took part in all phases of the development and can’t believe how horrid it turned out considering all the positive input and sensible suggestions that were put forward, lets hope that the devs do listen to suggestions and take them forward.) and the freight options of TTD

    Fantastic to read that the itention is also to make the game moddable, I still have tons of unreleased mods that were made for the original cities in motion and  cant wait for a platform to launch them in, including the never released BR rail set including the Deltic below.

    Deltic locomotive by SpannerMonkey

    Very keen to be involved in any Beta, open or closed so let me know  if i can help

    Cheers all



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