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    Most of my games are located directly on the C drive or in ProgrammeFilesx86. However, I couldn’t see where TrainFever was located, then realised that they must be located in Steam, which is located in drive C on my computer. But Trainfever is located in


    If you click on SteamApps and then common, you will see the TrainFever folder

    I wanted to find out how many towns there were in this game and there are hundreds.

    To locate them, click on the TrainFever/res/config/name/en where you will find streets and towns.

    Clicking on either of these will bring up a list of the names of all the streets and towns in the game, but you will need to open them with notepad to read them.

    Not sure if it is possible to change the names, so that you could group the towns near to those on a proper map. Most towns or cities throughout the UK are listed, but on the map in the game, they are randomly placed, so you might get your local town, placed close to a town that is located at the other side of the country. It would be nice if they could be placed as they are on a proper map. But as they are all listed in alphabetical order in the list, there is no way of knowing where they are placed on the game map. So if you could change the names, to group them properly, you have no idea, where they might end up on the game map.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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