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    Martin Mulder

    Yes! A new update!

    After a month not playing the game, because of the “Main Connection-feature”, I tried will full hopes. But still… I hate it…

    The Main Connection required us to make to many bypasses. We never know which bypass is right or not. It is kind of laying down a bypass… try the attempt to delete the main road, failing, remove the bypass and try again. It costs a lot of money just to remove one main road. Roads get very curved because of this “feature”.

    Roads exists of segments. Busstops cannot be build on the edge of a segment. Railcrossings cannot cross over an edge of a segment. Other roads cannot connect to the edge of a segment. So sometimes deleting two or three small segments and replace them by one big segment is still impossible. Even when the game is passed.

    SUGGESTION #1: If this “feature” is aproach real life, then give us a planning tool, as governments use in real life before they start building.

    So today… after a month not playing, I continues with my map. I removed some road with many effort, layed down some rails, build new stations. It took me a lot of effort, say 40 minuntes. The game was paused. I pressed the RUN-button.. everything started to move… en than… A CRASH TO DESKTOP!

    Of course no autosave. Because autosaves are done every “gameyear” (which does not happen when the game is paused), not every 5 minuntes or so.

    SUGGESTION #2: Lets us autosave after x minuntes of gameplay, and not after x gameyears.

    Please give me the possibility to install the build BEFORE the Main Connection…

    SUGGESTION #3: Let users choose if they wanna turn on or off some of these “discussed” features.

    SUGGESTION #4: If developers introduce a new feature, always let us choose to turn it off. This way users can beta-test the product, and turn it off after the feature is to buggy or to attractive.



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    I support you Martin,

    I urge the developers to not to demolish your own game for such  a small feature.

    I am not against disallowing removal of main connection. But atleast provide enough tools so that user can modify the main connection as they want.



    It’s been suggested numerous times, simply allow it when the game is paused and not let the game restart until the reconnection is made. Then the feature will be kept and we can change layouts to how we want.

    I had a hell of a time last night. I had a road that was in the way of a line extension, so I built a road bridge over the line to bypass it, then demolished. All good until I wanted to expand the line later to twin tracks. Guess what? ‘terrain collision’ with the bridge! So, as the bridge was locked as a main connection, I had to

    bulldoze a section of line,

    build a bypass country road,

    delete the bridge,

    lay a section of double track,

    rebuild the bridge over new twin track (which of course took ages because it wouldn’t fit……),

    delete the temporary road,

    rebuild the line again.

    All that because of the main connection crap. But hey, do now have a floor in the tram depots, yaaaay!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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