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    So even been putting alot of time in having the same amount of time between busses/trains etc. But after some ingame years all my trains pretty much and up right behind eachother. This is really annoying me.

    So i began to think of what could be the problem. Is it parts of the railroad where trains need to slow down? Well no, becuz every train would slow down (oh and yeah i always use the same trains on one line).

    So i began observing, and found out that there is actually quiet a difference in some stops. When 3 people need to board and leave a train, it leaves like within 3 seconds. If 100 need to board and leave, it takes up to 30 seconds. This difference is not much, but when a train does 30 stops, the difference is minutes.

    Fixing time at a stop would kill this. And it would also be realistic. Trains todate leave on a fixed time, not when its full or whatever :/…


    y i thought about that too. Make a fixes time but in relation to the train composition. Little trains usually have shorter waittimes in reality.


    I tried this as well. On a large map I connected every single town to every single town in a giant wheel (I had a few billion) and they would eventually end up in a cluster of trains with the main one picking up passengers and the other ones lagging behind it. I started using one way lights to space them out individually so no single train could be on a track between cities. A single one way light placed at the end of every platform helped me control that to some degree. Keep in mind this is a one way ring.

    Trams don’t seem to have this problem as there is simulated traffic that allows them to spread out.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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