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    Railroad Tycoon III – is still my favourite game, for now.  I have not  played RRT III on PC for years while i play it in my head very frequently. 😉

    I`m a self-educated maniac inventor. My favourite employment is to find and try new ways of doing different things. Couple of years i was dreaming about remake of RRT3 or maybe completely new railroad game. When i saw Train Fever for a first time just a week ago — it blows my head up! TF deeply inspire me. I have so many ideas. So many brilliant ideas i heard from folks on this forum! I can clearly see so much perspective in Train Fever! For now i invented and continue to improve & detalize new logics & design for:

    • Project based prolonged building
    • New building & demolition tools
    • Principally new type of bridges + new features on old bridges
    • Second type of railroad crossing
    • Build, rebuild, improve stations of your own unique design
    • Industry chain which as far as i know never used in simulation, but railroad depends on it in real life.
    • Visualisations of statistics, processes of loading and bulldozing
    • and other minor updates, which can have amazing results

    I`d like to thank everybody related to Train Fever: founders, developers, fan & testers, everyone. Cause i`m happy, i enjoy a posture of inspiration. 😉


    I`m better in dreaming, less in writing, also i like to gesticulate, when i`m talking and my native language is russian, so texting my vision performs bit by bit.

    Dear Urban Games! I`m in love with your product. I want TF to become truly masterpiece. Probably some of my visions can be implemented in TF2, but many ot them seem so simple to me. I`m sure that multilevel ultrahighspeed junctions, that can be built in TF will be worthy to become advertising screenshots. 

    Please, let me be the part of your team! I will show you smth you will like, when you will be ready to listen. Promise.


    Also i would like to ask community, when you want features i mentioned before be implemented? 

    Please rate from 10-next patch; 5-TF2; 1-next life; 0-never

    Cincerely Yours,

    Paul Kukibny

    P.S. i wold like to listen to all thoughts about the case, even if you think i`m crazy 😉 Its ok. Every dreamer been through it.


    Great to read your enthusiasm about this game. I feel the same about it, it just great, full of potential!

    My primary points on the wish list are

    • underlaying complex economy (like RT3) to drive the 20 minute system (which is fine for passengers, original concept and working in practice)
    • an alternative to the 20-minute concept for freight (perishable, bulk, …)
    • the path system more elaborated (waypoints, alternative platforms, signalling, more specific load/unload options…)
    • more divers and dynamic industry (based upon the new economical model)
    • more natural and logical placement of industry
    • 5th type of buildings: public buildings (schools, administrative, universities, sport complexes…)

    My wish list is a lot longer, but in the first place I really would like to see a deeper, more complex game.


    So many great ideas! I’d like to share mine:

    • dynamic weather with snow and rain, like in Banished. Snow can influence speed, might make certain line to stop
    • more type of tracks, following the UIC standards would be awesome OR different gauges with narrower gauges needing lesser maintenance
    • planning tool! as the terrain can be little tricky, a planning tool would be useful for track laying
    • larger factories in cities that need have their own platforms and inner industrial railway system, which you can connect to your own system.
    • scheduled track maintenance. Abandoned railways become covered with grass and weed over time (just like in OpenTTD)

    So what I’d like to see is a deeper and more realistic industry and more realistic track management.

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