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    Hi there,

    I like to make my own town designs and suddenly i noticed that the game adds his own roads.

    Also some of these roads block a lot of building locations in my opinion making my town use to much space than it needs.

    Has someone else also experienced this?


    Example:   Left = how i build it and Right = How it became after some time playing making all kind of weird dead ends.



    Yes, I have found if the cities grow they place roads.   The roads almost always grow in ways I as a city builder fan hate.


    The whole basis of the game is procedurally generated city simulation. In fact I think they actually created a game in order to get more exposure for their project.

    The video explain how this works in here.


    So does building my own roads stimulate the rate a city will grow or is that only depending on the goods you bring in?
    Or will it only help me shape the town a bit more like i want to?


    Building roads yourselfes will give the city places, where it can build building at later on.
    Otherwise, those selfcreated roads aren’t bad in most cases, they just don’t connect them immediately to build a block. I only had very few cases, where I deleted roads because this looked akward too me or took away room for buildings.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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