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    I just bought and installed the game and it starts without problem, however, when in-game the whole screen blinks black constantly as I move the mouse. I tried different graphics settings but it doesn’t seem to help. The performance is fine and I can navigate and move around, scroll in and out, the problem is that it flickers and blinks black so much that its completely unplayable. It seemed though changing the HDR setting made it blink less, but not sure as it still blinks a lot.

    I’m running Debian, 64 bit on GeForce GT 520M, Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2620M CPU @ 2.70GHz, 12 GB RAM.


    Does this also happen in window mode?

    Would it be possible to make a short video or screenshots?

    Does everything turn black or only some parts?


    It happens also in windowed mode.  Video recorded and temporarily placed here: . The whole window turn black, not just some parts.

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    Im having same issues, both fullscreen and windowed.


    openSUSE 13.1 NVIDIA Geforce GT 750M/Primus/Bumblebee ntel Core i7-4700HQ


    So it seem to be an issue wit anti-aliasing. Turning it off solves the screen flickering.


    EDIT: So it seems to be an problem with Optimus/Primus. I managed to solve it by adding this option PRIMUS_SYNC=2. ( I modified script – added export PRIMUS_SYNC=2). Will see how it affects performance.

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    This also happens on my laptop at work. Windows 7 I3 geforces gfx.

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