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    I started a new small map in 1900. I connected 6 towns with a double rail passenger network and ran buses in all 7 towns. I played it until 1931 and went to sleep. when I woke up, the game crashed in 2128 with a message saying, A problem cause the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available.

    I have windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit and it has been re-installed over last weekend and has been fully updated. The only game installed is Train Fever along with a few other programs. It is nothing compared to what was installed before.

    Yes, I have a few mods installed as well but have had no problems with them in the past. The main mod that I think might cause any problems is the cost_mod. All others are bridges, roads and a train station mod. I forgot I have my new cargo station installed as well.

    It all ran fine until 2128 when it crashed. Before this new patch, I’ve had games in the 2300’s without a problem.

    I should also mention that all mods were re-installed prior to starting this new game with the new patch. I keep a copy of a fresh install for testing purposes to be sure there is no conflict with older files.

    EDIT: I think I know why the game crashes. I have one industry, wood, being used. I looked at it and the industry was producing more wood than was being transported. I added more trucks and a new station at the processing plant so there’s only 2 lines per station and now it doesn’t crash. I’ll run it further to see if it crashes later but for now, it seems to run fine again. So I think the crash has something to do with the industry and the cargo being transported or not transported.

    EDIT2: Unfortunately it froze again at a later date. 🙁


    Okay, something with the cargo station  or cargo item seams wrong.

    If you’re changing something on the mods while playing an old savegame the game could get broken. Try not to install mods on a running game.

    Let us know if you find anything. 


    I didn’t change anything. I started the new game with the mods installed. I played it until 1931 just adding and changing vehicles. Then I went to sleep and let the game run and it crashed in the year 2128.

    I’l just have to start a new map without mods and let it run again when I go to sleep. No biggie.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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