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    Im currently in year 2037 and game keeps crashing each +- 30mins of gameplay. To be honest thats quite irritating. My specs: i7-4770K, 16GB RAM, GeForce GTX 760 (latest drivers -344.11).

    Last few lines from stderr:

    splitter.cpp:30: Verification of `m_fSumAbs <= m_fSize + EPS’ failed (27.75 > 27.001).
    path_util.cpp:48: Verification of `dist > .0f’ failed (-1.51992e-006 <= 0).
    buildingtyperep.cpp:292: Verification of `false’ failed.

    Dump available here:

    What can I do to play without crashes please?


    PS: I do have lags in game but my cities arent developed that much (none of them have more than 1k population)

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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