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    Firstly TF is a very pretty train set simulator, but as a strategy game I’m not so sure. Pls tell me if I’ve got it wrong.

    Take the 20 minute limit , each denizen of TF will travel if the time is less than 20 minutes to whatever, (shop/home etc). So the player can influence growth by optimizing travel options to get inside this limit. Fine

    The algorithm also apparently makes the denizen take the quickest route , so when cars arrive unless you optimize public transport you’re not going to grow. The only option available to the player is this optimization , is this realistic? IMHO I dont think so. In a fuller simulation costs incurred by the denizens would impact on his decision to travel a certain way given the 20min constraint. So I think what is really lacking is a proper economic model , the player should be able to influence his denizens by changing travel prices, making public travel more attractive and  expensive cars less so.

    It has been said before that TF is just a trainset , money really is little object and more an afterthought at present. I would like to know if there are plans to make it a full business/train strategy simulation or just stay as  a trainset.  Good strategy games are multifaceted allowing players many options as to how to proceed(eg. Civ series).

    A view ( whether this will become a proper strategy/simulation game or just a way to build pretty railways) from the dev team would help here.



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