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    I would like to be able to select and place road bridges over railway lines in the same way as you would a railway station. You could select and place a single, double, triple or quad bridge and then build your roads from it.


    Stop the clock

    I would like to be able to “stop time” or set a year and only play in that year. Forever. So treat TF like a model railway rather than a game. You could then set up a map in a certain era.


    I have seen this mentioned numerous times now. I would like be able to place the cargo in the map rather than the game generate it for me. …… or ….. Less cargo options within the map, so players are forced to move the goods over longer distances.


    Trains swapping directions.

    I would like that trains could not swap directions. If you want a train to face the other way, either use a reversing loop or uncouple the loco move to a turntable then via a second track recouple a the other end of the carriages. A small sequence program the same as selecting tram or bus routes could be used. Maybe you could allow trains to push one or two carriages for the use in the beginning of the game.


    “Visible” during line selection

    When selecting a new train, tram or bus, to go on a particular line, I would like to be able to select “visible” like when viewing tracks. With trams for example, I could have 6 lines in 6 towns (small map) this is 36 lines to scroll through to find the correct line. And this is only for a small map, Its a bit tedious.

    Another variation to this, is to be able to select a number of tram lines for example, and add one or two trams to all these line at once. (Yes they would all need to be connected to the same line and tram depot)



    This is a continuation of the topic above. Although I love this game, much of the replacement of trains trams and busses is tedious. I recognise that there is the “X … return to depot and sell” option, which is good. But I find the vehicle replacement option tedious. It would be good to be able to select all busses, not just all busses in one line and select the replacement option.


    Flat terrain

    I think that the easiest terrain available should be without hills at all. Flat, like the Netherlands.


    Tracks and roads under rivers.

    I would like to see the ability to construct roads and rail under rivers



    It would be nice to see the classical English viaduct as a mod.


    Mods page in english

    Although I do speak a little German, it is not enough get me by the mod pages. Anything past gleis zug and bahnhof starts getting very difficult for me and even the computers translator has problems. Maybe an English speaking section would be good. I think a large chunk of your market would speak English. (I only just found the translate part of google chrome yesterday, I will give that a shot and see how it goes)






    Oh …. And I forgot.

    Store old trains

    I would like to see old unused trains and wagons of little or no value to be stored on sidings to rust. I saw the buffer stop “loco shed” mod, which is a nice way of having building to create and delete new trains without forcing us to use many loco sheds.

    Maybe use something like the way points where trains can sit idle or buy and sell.

    You could then have quantities of wagons sit without locos, like in the real world.



    I know, I keep adding ideas.

    Small mixed goods passenger station.

    I know this goes against the games principal of separate goods and passenger stations. …… But. …. What if you could have a mixed goods and passenger station for the early years only, where at a predetermined date (or age) the station must either be made a goods or passenger station.

    Another option would be to have goods on one side (one track) and passengers on the other. This would add complications to the game.

    Currently goods and passengers are separated and it is too easy to just make another separate and completely independent line for goods, so the slower goods trains do not slow the passenger service.




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