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    I been having some problem with this game lately. Every time I played the game,it will prevent me from shutting down my laptop. I notice 3 things that seems to be related:

    1)When I tried to exit to the main menu, the game crashes. It does go to the main menu if I waited long enough, but if I do anything like clicking or pressing the Windows or Ctrl+Alt+Del while waiting for the menu to show up, there will be a message saying the game is not responding.

    2)After I exit the game,I tried to exit Steam but I couldn’t, because Steam says the game is still running.A quick check at Task Manager reveals that TrainFever.exe are running. I tried to kill it but it won’t.

    3)When I press the shutdown button,nothing happens. I press it several times, and waited. After 2 minutes the screen goes black, but other peripherals except for keyboard continues to light up, indicating that my laptop still not shut down. After nearly 10 minutes I was forced to turn off the power supply.

    This seems to happened with the Build 5112 after more than 2 hours playing non-stop. On previous builds,I still crashed while going to the main menu after more than 2 hours of game time but I still able to exit Steam and shut down Windows normally


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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