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    Loving the game; but have two annoying issues running it on my MacBook Pro Retina..

    1. The major one is the fact that the game process hangs down in my task bar after quitting the game… This makes my computer unable to shutdown in any other way than  hard booting it. Not able to force quit the process; neither find it in the activity monitor….

    2. I have to reset the resolution every time I start the game..  I’ve checked the config file, and it seems to be set correctly there (1440*900).. But every time entering the game I have to try to set a higher resolution as I only see 1/3 of the screen.. which then makes it pop back to 1440*900 anyway.. but the picture gets correct.. Trying to run it in window mode with alt+enter only gives me a black screen until exiting it…



    I also run train fever on a MBPr, I can’t reproduce the first bug but I have the second bug too.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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