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    I’d like to make a thread for suggestion and post my suggestions for the developers here. If anyone has more suggestions, just dump them in. 🙂

    Particle effects

    I think the particle effects – mainly smoke – should be tweaked and improved, here are a few images to demonstrate:

    I’m not sure if this house is on fire or the people inside are severe chain smokers. Anyway, smoke emission seems quite high. I’d suggest to tweak the particle system to make the smoke look less thick.

    From another angle:

    OpenGl and blending issues, yay… :'(

    More vehicle content

    I think this one is pretty straightforward. The game has a modding community, though, so this one isn’t very important, I guess.

    More key inputs

    For example, I love how Maxis has done time controls in their games, where the numeric 1-2-3 keys were used to set the respective speed multiplier. Would be great for convenience if Train Fever used more key combos.

    Ambient sounds

    I really miss this in the game, simple loops like traffic is cities (depending on size) or birds and wind in forests / plains would add a great amount of value to the game’s mood and feel.


    Key mapping in general and short cuts, yes please.

    Smoke… its horrible 🙂  there was a mod to tone it down, not tried it since latest patch though.

    +1 for ambient sounds

    On the topic of sounds… even though there is a mod for it (and its easy to do) the cash register kaching sounds are annoying as… well just annoying and constant.

    The “Oh yeah” when a new vehicle is available is also on my wishlist to be removed / changed.

    But, at the moment, there are more pressing matters to address.



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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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