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    Wann werden die fehlenden Gleiswege ins Spiel eingebaut? Ohne die ist und wird das Spiel in meinen Augen nicht Komplett sein und selbst in der Modellwelt sind die Fehlenden Gleiswege überall zu finden. Es fehlen Gleiskreuzungen, Dreiwegweichen, Hosenträgerweichen und Kreuzungsweichen. Ich finde es schon Erstaunlich das man sich so nach den Spielern Richten will aber Aussagekräftige Wunschlisten ausser acht läst und lieber unten dort Anfängt und die Minderheit bedient.


    When the missing track paths built into the game? Without which the game and in my opinion not be complete and even in the world of models are the missing track paths everywhere.
    There is a lack crossings, three-way turnouts, braces Switches and crossings. I find it amazing but one way by directing the players wants to Meaningful my favorite out of eight blasphemous and better down there and start serving the minority.


    I’d love to see them as well in the game, but i’d prefer them fixed, like stations. That way one could create easily all the complex networks and ensure there is no 1 sleeper long bits between the points.  It would also help on track building when you could put your stations and points in place first, and then just drag the track between them to connect the full network.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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