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    Hi All,

    I’ve been following Train Fever very closely for many months now and it is fantastic to see how many people have got excited about it and to see how the game has been developing over this time.

    I first became interested in this game when I found that ‘Sid Meiers Railroads’ just didn’t allow any simulation depth, even though it was great fun. When you wanted to add more than one train to a line or for them to use signals of any kind it just all blew up. Which of course as a casual game you would expect it to.

    When I tried other older transport games like Open TTD, I found them enjoyable, but the dated isometric viewpoint and the fact that the tracks or terrain wouldn’t gently curve like in reality really stopped me from sticking at the game for any meaningful period of time.

    One thing I did enjoy about both of these games though, was to try and recreate actual tracks on a ‘Great Britain’ map. I remember Railroads in particular had a map available to download from an external modder which was as big as the game would allow, representing as well as the scale would allow, all the major cities and industry.

    I played this map extensively, only to be annoyed by the limitations of the game.

    Does anyone know if this game will allow ‘real world’ maps to be made and distributed, even if it were just parts of the UK so that we could attempt to recreate the national rail network? It would be cool if there was a timetable feature in the game (if you so chose to use it) so that we could go as far as to do what this guy did on Simutrans:

    I would love a discussion on this topic to see if any one had any thoughts, and I can’t wait to get playing the game (which looks fantastic as it is) when it is released tomorrow.



    Well, a timetable isn’t directly implemented. You can see, what the tact for lines is, it shows you, that a train comes for example every 8 Minutes or something like that.
    Real World Maps, that would be nice, I’ve read that UG also plans map DLC’s, I guess those will either have more map generating options or some scenarios set on real world maps, maybe similar to RT3 with its goals like “Achieve x million industry net worth until 1900” or something like that 😀


    Yeah I’ve seen so far how the current ‘timetable’ works, and to be honest thats probably good enough for me. Maybe a modder would add full timetable functionality at a later date, but it isn’t very high on my wish list.

    Not like real world maps and objectives, that would be perfect. It would be the game that Sid Meier’s Railroads could have been, but with so much more fun stuff added in.  It’s sometimes nice when there is the option of extra complexity if you want it, don’t you think?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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