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    Just a thought…. So many users are having problems with the endless traffic jams, as am I. As already noted they are usually down to some car driver going to sleep or (like the real world), dumping the car to go shopping.

    I wonder if it would be fairly easy for the Development team to add the option to simply delete offending cars? They can already be highlighted and information obtained, as they can’t be sent to a depot as with buses etc. Just select “Send to Crusher – driver included”!



    If your streets all upgraded and you still have stuck vehicles, you can solve it like this. Just try to halt or reverse 1 of your own vehicles. Like this (it’s in german but you get the idea) A car is blocking the road around 19:55 minutes:


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    Thanks for the info. It’s a neat workaround the problem.



    it solves the problem for about 10 mins, then it will start all over again.. the trouble of the falling asleep driver is – the car has just spawned outside its home, it is looking to do a U-turn, the opposite side of the road is blocked due to the queue or another car waiting to do a U-turn.. or they are looking to change lane (they will use a side road to go around in a circle just to go back the way they were coming or to change lane).. I noticed they would drive out of their way to look for a turning point all the cars in this picture are coming from the center of town to use the depots are a turning point

    I have been trying to work the problem out for hours on end, and have found a way to make things move again, but if you have 2 large residential buildings on either side of a road it will become just about impossible to solve without deleting one of the buildings.. the way I solved it using small roads everywhere (especially near tower blocks) and block it with some track so the computer doesn’t link the road up

    the problem will start again when you have too high population, in my case I have 2 cities that are right next to each other and both have a population of around 2000 each.. I had to abandon the game due to permanent gridlock

    I think the only way to fix it is for the cars to change lanes, which is a flaw in the programming.. I have decided not to waste my time playing the game anymore after 180 hours and probably 40 of them were just trying to solve this problem.. shame really cos I do like the game, but when I know something is in vein then I cannot get myself to play

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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