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    Will there be harbors that can receive goods and raw materials from the outside world? Or airports?

    Axel Springer

    Hi Doug,

    air-planes later: http://www.train-fever.com/forums/topic/what-about-air/#post-1187

    Goods freight will be ok, but raw meterials? Is it realistic to transport oil, wood or coal with the air plane?

    Or what do you mean with outside world (multiplayer)?


    I don’t mean to have helicopters or airplanes. I actually don’t like those. And outside world is not multiplayer. What I meant is like the harbor in RailRoad Tycoon 2. Just a place where goods appear and you ship them inside the country. Same could happen for the airports. The company won’t have planes or anything, but the airport will be a source of goods. They just appear there, as if they are arriving from another continent, and the player will deliver those goods by train to other areas.


    Harbors and Airports can be a source of raw materials (yes, harbors can receive oil, etc) and also demand materials. Just like in RRT2. Like a place where the industries can export.

    Also its a very good way to make available things that aren’t available in the map. For example, you want to make a desert map and in this case you won’t have any farms or even wood. Those can come from the harbor/airport.

    Airports can also be a source of people and mail, as well as demand those items.

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    Ferry terminals, airports, harbours, agricultural module all important to me. Don’t mind these as DLC or expansions.


    Could be interesting.

    If you start to develop a couple of cities it would attract people from the outside the region. That could work dynamically to develop further cities and have big and complex logistics systems in place.

    Depends on what the devs are thinking this game should be. It can become very big and complex very fast.


    I like mckay’s idea a lot.  the size of the world doesn’t really allow for planes to fly around inside.  But massive airports or harbors would be great things to have as a thing you need to service, like towns and cities; a nod to the fact that the world is larger than the game board.


    I Agree with Douglas, that there need to come Airports or seaports.

    These are necessary for a smooth logistic system. And indeed harbors can bring in raw materials, half fabricates or (high) end products, that are not available in a region.

    For example how many products for Europe are brought in to the countries by ports of Rotterdam, Bremen/ Hamburg or Antwerp?

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