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    A lot of beta previews show some pretty bad performance issues, even on high end machines. I’ve seen skipped frames, a few screen tears, and low FPS when zoomed out. I am very interested in the game, but I have a hard time convincing myself to buy the game given these issues.

    Does anyone know if these graphical issues have been resolved?


    I have heard that they working on it and should be improved in the final version. Acc. a LiveStream there is also an improvement between the Beta-versions.


    As far as development goes, optimization is one of the last issues that is fixed before a game releases. ¬†All the FPS, lagging and smoothing problems should be gone. With any game there’s going to be some issues that crop up post release but overall it should preform well.


    I’m more interested in knowing what the hardware requirements need to be before you stop getting those problems.


    Acc. Steam with minimum graphic (and small map?) should be following satisfactory. But to be sure you have to wait for the final release.
    In my opinion the requirements are low. (too low?)

    OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8
    Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo
    Memory: 2 GB RAM
    Graphics: Nvidia GeForce 8800 512 MB, ATI Radeon HD 3850 512 MB
    Additional Notes: Mouse with wheel


    I don’t care what’s listed on Steam as the minimum – what’s actually necessary to avoid some of the issues seen in the beta videos. The problem where the camera moves down low and the game lags while apparently loading assets seems like a problem, but on what hardware?

    I hate games that artificially restrict the camera from these low angles, it would just be nice to know whether we’re likely to see some of these problems or not.


    As Vector824 wrote, you seen beta footage. Beta means, is still in developement. You have to check and ask again with footage from the final release.


    also keep in mind that video recording usually has a big influence on the performance. from what the beta testers say the performance is much better than that.


    There’s a difference between consistently losing a few frames here and there due to fraps and the game having a big laggy pause because you moved the camera to a position where more of the landscape is visible.

    And yes, I’m sure release performance will be better. But what’s the limiting factor we know of right now – CPU? HD access time? GPU? What do you need to have to not see it?


    Performance have being largely improved in the last 2 updates. But its a work in progress in the devs to do list. If you know something about programing you would see that its better to optimize the code later. If you worry about logical problems and optimization at the same time you won’t produce too much.


    Morat, to be honest, you seem a bit arrogant to me because of your demands.
    This is a game in beta developed by a little 5 Men-Team. This is not a fucking EA Games-Title.
    So have a little understanding for their hard work and they did hell of a good job considering they’re only 5 Men.
    I think they’ll be able to fix most of the performance issues until release, if not all of them.
    So have trust in them and if you really like tycoon games, support this first good game since years, eventually they will fix all performance issues, either until release or a little afterwards but those issues aren’t that strong, that you shouldn’t buy the game.

    And as said, you have to think off Fraps and other Moviecapturing software.
    Depending on the hardware of the youtuber, it takes more or less performance and to be honest, most of the active YouTubers here are pretty new on YouTube and young, probably they don’t have good PC’s so Fraps also takes its fair share of Performance.


    @Azrael Why don’t you calm down and watch your language. I haven’t made a single demand, I just asked if anyone had an idea of the hardware cut off where these issues happen. It’s a reasonable question, not an arrogant demand that it be fixed.

    As I have a choice of which machine to play this on (one mobile and one not) this is a question that is important to me as the answer could affect how/where I play the game.

    . I do know programming, and the week before release is when you want to be doing a lot of testing to make sure everything works, not be making some core code changes for optimisation that might have functional side effects.

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    Show me any game that handles having the camera pushed down to street level pointed out towards the horizon – It’s going to eat up a ton of performance. In Train Fever – in any game like it. ūüôā


    I did not really know where to post , sorry if it’s a bit out of topic …

    Can one of the beta tester please tell me how much disk space the game needs ?

    If it’s been said already , sorry , i didn’t find it …



    Let’s not get arguing between each other. I am sure the game is going to look much much better than it does on some of the video’s. I have used Fraps quite a lot over the years and although the later¬†updates of it, ¬†are much better than the initial Fraps programme, there is still some loss of quality, by the time the video has been, edited and uploaded to Youtube for showing.

    I think that the finished ¬†game will present much better images and smoother game¬†play, than it does on the videos we have seen so far. Further updates to the game will be on going, so I think there will be still room for more improvement, within the next twelve months. And, what with all the possibilities for Vehicle add on packs, and user DRL’s to produce new maps etc, seems quite exciting. I think the guys who have developed this game are on to a winner. It’s up to you guys to prove it, by supporting it and¬†helping to improve on it.

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