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    It dont found a forum thread for this “Idea”.

    I realy like the Headquarter in Transport-Tycoon. It would be nice to have one in Train Fever also (later on after all main DLCs or for Train Fever 2 😀 ).An improvement would be if you have to upgrade it with your own money. Like first Level costs 100k, second 200k and so on. Or maybe a better Idea, it will improve as soon you have more then 10 Trains, 20 Trains and so on.

    Ok, now i dreaming, but you need the Headquarter for research and technological development. You have to invest money to get new types of briges, signals, tunnels and rail-types 😀
    Maybe you have to research even new locomotives. After some time you get a prototype (like transport tycoon) but you have to transport at least 1000 passengers until you can buy it generally.

    Or you have to purchase (in the Headquarter) some consumable material. Like hay, coal, diesel or electricity. As soon its used the locomotives / truck will be inoperative.

    What you think, will be  an addtional depth of gameplay increase the attractivity of the gameplay or not?


    Me too, I would like a Headquarters! Also add something like a profile picture and the ability to give your transport company a name.


    This have being requested years ago. I think it won’t go on the release. Perhaps a mod?


    I don’t think, that this is a good idea, it is pretty unrealistic.
    Railway companies don’t research locomotives by themselves, other companies are doing that or, in the early days some few men did that.

    And to link it to transported goods and so on… maybe in some kind of a campaign mission but not throughout the whole game.

    I’m against this suggestion.


    I agree with Azreal!


    I like the HQ, it should generate passengers and even increase that cities growth.


    Dont like the research though, the game scope is just too small.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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