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    Maicom MR

    Hello everyone.


    I’m creating this topic in an attempt to take a course (and others who may have the same), I’m currently trying to implement the animation system in the wheels of the vehicle, I noticed that the parameters related to animation of the wheels are in the archives of extension “.mdl” getting in “configs = {” industry, so I’m not able to set these wheels to turn as the movement of the vehicle and rotate the front curves.


    Have you noticed that in most models (standard models already in the game) the wheel is in a separate file, so I believe that it can be configured for any system of axes.


    Any of you could tell me more precisely what is the process to get the animation wheels of vehicles? I must before exporting the model to create the animation of the wheels? is there any specific procedure to configure the rotation properly?



    I thank you all very community, my many thanks.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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