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    Hello everyone,

    I need help from you.

    I have many lines of trucks that connect the various factories, and I was trying to activate another with the procedure that I have ever used.

    I insert the stop goods, depot of vehicles, I click on “new line” in the management and the trace of the line appears on all the path. Control the path, buy the first truck to be assigned to the new line, and I click on “assigns line”.Then  I select the line and, like magic, THE TRACK DISAPPEARS!

    I checked and rechecked, close and reopen the game, created new lines road test … but the result is always the same: the trace of the new line disappears and the truck leaves the depot of vehicles, stops at the loading goods and does not move until I tell him to go back to the depot.

    Can anyone explain why this happens? There is a limit to the number of lines? is a bug?

    I am frankly puzzled because I can not explain the origin of the problem.

    Can anyone help me?



    PS: I did another test in a previously saved map (1976) of the same game I use to do various tests and the lines are regularly created … No problem. The mystery becomes more dense …


    are you certain you did not add a passenger stop to the goods line?


    Yes, dear @Blokker_1999, this is the error that I have committed!!! 🙁

    A stupid mistake that I had never done before!

    Thank you very much … I was really depressed.

    Now the line works perfectly, although it has not yet delivered a commodity (but the important thing is that it works!).

    You see that I am too old to play this game … today I lack the necessary concentration

    thanks again

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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