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    Hi there,

    Really liking this game so far, I like the challenge of ‘fixing’ lines and trying to get all lines to be making a profit along with everything else you have to look out for e.g. expanding your transport empire, making sure your main cities get a goods line to expand the city to attract more people to your train lines to make more $ and so on so forth.

    Anyway, while checking out my lines I noticed one line that normally does not have a problem staying in the positive balance so I checked out what was going on and here is what I found:

    why are they stuck


    Why are these two stuck? I can’t figure it out, I’m going to hit myself if it’s something obvious. Thanks for the help


    I can’t see the image properly, but try stopping one by pressing on “Running”, if that doesn’t fix, try reversing it, it should be fine by now but you can still play around with sending one to the depo to properly fix things.


    It’s probably due to bad placement on the signals.


    After this I had removed the signals as they were left over from previous bad track placement, this did not seem to correct the error. All I did after that (after much waiting) was reverse both trains and then after a while reverse them again, and they just passed each other as if the previous problem/event was never there.


    EDIT: Sorry about the imagine, the forum must stretch it to fit the text box

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    It’s hard to say for sure because of the stretching, but it looks like the train on the left is stopped at a signal that shouldn’t be there.

    Train Fever uses path signals, which should be placed where a train can wait at them without blocking any track. In that screenshot there are six signals, but the only one that looks like it should be there is the top-right one that the incoming train is stopped at.

    That signal will keep that train on that branch until there is a clear path to the platform, so it can’t block any track. If the train on the left is trying to head out of the station to the right and is stuck then there must be something off screen at the top preventing it from moving. A path signal reserves a path to the next safe stopping point, which is usually either the next signal or a station. Is there a section of track we can’t see that has a train in it?


    These are the only two trains on that line with no other trains further on which is the first thing I checked for, thank you for the advice on the signals


    I’ve found making the lines one way helps solve this problem with signals down the track, then one of them will wait for the train to come out of station, then when that train comes out of the station they are on the same track and by the time that train catches up due to first train in station the other side it wait, then they spread out, I had 8 trains going in a straight line to 3 platforms along one side of map and this one way thing really helped.

    <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< this way<<<<<<<<<<<<<

    platform =========== platform============platform.

    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> this way

    with signals of corse

    if you get it wrong later on next thing you know they burn a whole in you revenue that took hours to make.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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