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    I’ve had the game for about a week and have played 8 games or so. Each game, I was able to learn more about the system and get a little bit farther without going bankrupt. In those games, I’ve learned valuable lessons about line frequency, running costs, and maintenance costs. I had figured out how to get just about everything profitable…except long distance rail traffic.

    I was resigned to just not using rails for passenger traffic. I didn’t see the point of using them for short city hops since I already used buses or trams for those. Long distance routes with 1 train had a frequency above 10 minutes, so nobody boarded the line. Long distance routes with multiple trains didn’t have enough traffic to sustain the engine running costs. I finally resorted to integrating a few passenger cars to my freight line. The freight was profitable, and a few passengers rode the rails.

    I’ve finally made it to the point where you get access to high speed rail and trains specifically designed for passenger rail traffic. The frequency is low enough (less than 5 minutes) with about two trains per line, and running costs are far less than the earlier freight locomotives.

    I love figuring out  the keys to this game.


    Thanks for the tip!


    the most import part with passenger train lines is to delete roads connecting the cities you want to connect with the train. this way you get people who normally would take the car to use the train instead and thus boosting profits

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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