How do I add mods already created to a Steam Version of TF?

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    I have found what looks like great mods on here that I would like to add to my game; can anyone explain how to do this in the Steam Version. I have located the file location on my desktop PC but I am worried that if I add a RES file (for example) it will overwrite anything that is required, or does it just replace with new? If there is some new models of trains do I just add their actual files, and if so to where?

    I am really a nivec to anything to do with modding. Thanks in advance


    The easiest way would be to use the mod manager on

    If the mod you downloaded replaces anything, the mod manager will make a back up of the original files.


    I tried Mod manager but I have no idea how to add mod to Mod Manager from files that I downloaded it just wont let me transfer it.


    You dont NEED mod manager. I dont use it.

    1)Download the mod files you want to place into train fever.

    2) Backup trainfever (copy and paste it somewhere else, rename it to trainfeverbackup, incase something goes wrong or you want to revert.)

    3) follow what the mod instructions are. Bassically drag and drop specific files within steam/steamapps/common/trainfever.


    @OzWally: The TFMM ist fantastically easy to use for all mods in zip format. Here is how:

    1. Drop the TFMM folder in your game directory, send a shortcut to desktop.

    2. Create a folder anywhere for all your TF mods, drop your zip mods into it.

    3. Start the TFMM, click “new mod”, go to the folder wher your zip files are, open one, confirm and that´s it.

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    Thanks guys will do as you say

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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