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    I have a 5 platform station in my hub city with 3 trains/line and 2-3min periodicity, I cannot electrify a line in this station while any train is on any platform or so it seems , unless I delete other track  to this station or send all trains to a depot I cant see any other way to do it , I always have a train from one of these lines coming or going from this station. Any simple ideas would be appreciated.


    One way signals blocking one line at a time, then pause and electrify, then delete the signals and play on!


    I also found that I could select the train and stop it manually. Then I’m able to edit the track or add signals when I couldn’t before.


    I c I can allocate the train to a different line and then I get no path and the train stops, clumsy but it works


    Bug #9483291

    Just add it to the pile. You also can’t upgrade any station tracks to high speed rail while a train is touching any other track.



    I don’t understand why the tracks can’t be upgraded when a train is on them in the first place. You can upgrade roads if there is a vehicle on them.


    and look what happens when you do. Cars, trams, trucks start teleporting all over the place.  They change directions, leap onto side roads not on their route or warp further along or further back down the road. It’s seriously sketchy. Did they not bother testing that at all before releasing it?



    On the topic of teleporting vehicles… *sigh*  Why do they teleport when you don’t want them to, but don’t when you do.


    I decide to upgrade a train station, so make sure all trains are out of the way.
    I then bulldoze the station in order to upgrade it only to find the new station can’t be placed due to collisions with a road near the entrance area.  Note: not even the same sized station will fit here any more.

    So, I try to bulldoze the road… nope, a few million worth of buildings in the way… ok bulldoze those..

    Now back to the road…. nope…”Vehicle in the way”

    Hmm…. only way forward is to hit play.. wait for it to move and lose the right to upgrade the station…

    So, play…bulldoze… oh wait… its teleported back to that small section which isn’t connected any more.

    Re-connect road.. hit play… wait for vehicle to move.. bulldoze…. oh wait… new buildings and a road have spawned…

    😀 fighting against the game is not so fun.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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