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    Every month industry only ticks by 1 unit of resource, which is not good at all if you are trying to build a nice industrial chain, is it possible to speed it up, lets say 5-20 units per month?


    This is my greatest frustration.  You build a track network to serve the industries and you build trains for the transport of their product and you sit there and wait and watch as NOTHING HAPPENS!!!

    Now we can buy enormous powerful locomotives (e.g., BigBoy) and watch it pull three gondolas that never fill up and of course the trains lose tons of money and eventually the game just fizzles out because you can’t borrow anymore money and you just quit frustrated.

    I am playing lately with the “No Cost” mod just because it is the only way to run realistic looking trains with lots of cars.  But really it would be great if the game worked better and allowed you to build the industries and make money with bigger more lucrative trains.

    Locomotion worked better growing industries and even creating new ones that challenges you to expand your trains and build new routes to serve new industries.  TrainFever gets boring too quickly because it doesn’t give you the same reasons to keep playing.

    I feel strongly that this is TrainFever’s Achilles Heel and needs to be addressed.  I can not understand why the developers have not rethought this matter.  It makes the difference between a game that stalls and goes nowhere versus a game that keeps you stimulated and challenged.



    The Train Fever model of production is based on demand.  This means that the factory will produce only if there is a demand for its product.  In your case, it may happen that the city that get the goods is getting some of them from other sources and therefore ignoring your service.

    You can turn the cargo view on and see if there are some packets that, like ants, are marching towards the city you are serving with your trains.  In that case, that would be the reason why the factory produces as little as what you said.



    U should not set up a high capacity supply chain intially.

    Start with trucks or small trains. After production is high enough you should upgrade your line capacity.

    Never use heavy locomotives when the production is low. However you will feel their need when production is high (more than 200), specially when distances are far.



    This is how train fever industries work.


    specially when distances are far.

    This is not possible as you will get clobbered by the 20min rule!

    This effectively prevents any long distance freight hauls.  If the distance is too great the transport time will exceed 20min and there will be no goods transported.

    The 20min rule needs to be increased, as time is less important for freight.

    Perhaps some clever programmer could create a mod for this?


    I have exactly the same feeling about the 20 rule : it might be OK for passengers (even this can be discussed), but it’s not working at all for freight.

    During the 19th and 20th centuries, the train has taken a great part of the transport revolution that changed the face of the worldwide economics … except in TF where freight transport remains exclusively local !


    You can handle long distance trains even with 20 minute rule. However the rule time should be increased. Its a sandbox type game and such limitations are irrilevant



    The 20min rule needs to be extended, or abolished solely for freight trains.

    A general relation of the rule would increase the distance that freight could be ‘walked’ along roads with disastrous consequences.  That would make all our freight transport redundant!

    PS: Perhaps passenger trains could be included as well!


    There should be like 2 rules: 1st rule less than 20 minutes for walking. 2nd rule more than 20 minutes applicable if a transportation is used



    The 20 minutes rule for passengers is (in addition to competition by private cars) one of the few incentives to expand to faster trains and a more efficient network comprising in-city transportation. It really rewards players to build a well thought train network with customers wanting to travel farther and thus generate more revenues (or at least this is my assumption, in reality I don’t know how the rule really works in selecting which locations passengers want to go).

    For freight it could be a very different story. I agree that relaxing this rule would be beneficial to gameplay, but there are two more important topics: clever industry placement (alas it is completely random) and slow industry production rampup and maximum levels (waiting for demand to produce, little demand and production increments and little demand and production overall limits) really limit the need for long freight trains… I would like production to increase at least 5 times it does now (and of course reducing prices)  … in that way trains would be more competitive to trucks and long heavy freight trains would become a necessity and feel different than passenger trains (adjusting the weight of freight cars could also be a possibility).

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