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    Building bridges in Train Fever is not that hard. Keep in mind that support columns for your bridge cannot be in the way of track, otherwise you’ll get a terrain collision warning.

    Delete Level Crossing:  First, zoon in close and then move your mouse so only the road piece crossing the track is highlighted. Using the buldoze tool, you can delete this segment without affecting the track. Once this piece has been removed, you can now delete other segments of the road on both sides. Do this a ways back to give you room for approach structures to your new bridge.  NOTE: the program will not let you delete the approach road to a crossing first, it will say locked.  So make sure you remove the crossing road piece first.

    Building a Bridge over the railway.  As the terrain is not flat, usually, make sure that your track is at ground level or below ground in a cutting. If the track is higher than the land around, building a bridge this way won’t work; and wouldn’t make sense anyway to bridge an embankment.

    Pick a road style, and drag it out across your tracks so that the tracks are about the centre of the road segment.  Nect, press the “m” key, this will raise the centre of the road. Keep pressing until a bridge appears. Pick bridge style and click the checkmark – done.  If a bridge does not appear, then drag out a longer segment and try again.  If the terrain on one side or the other is too low, this won’t work.  In this case, try pressing “n” to create a tunnel under your railway.


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