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    Is there any strategy to achieve the train fever goal on Hard difficulty? can anyone please help me with this? I just started playing this few months back and love it. Any tips are appreciated.



    Despite this is TRAIN Fever, to get the ultimate achievement on hard difficulty, DON’T BUILD TRAINS. Build bus, tram and truck lines. They make easy profit, and expand fast on a large map. Connect each city with all it’s close neighbours. You’ll have many dozens of bus lines making each easily 100K – 1M per line! With some clever cargo and inner city tram lines, you’re half way victory.

    But don’t build trains.


    I’m just going to say that I’ve used trains on a hard map, but I didn’t start out by using trains. But since you’re new to all this, I recommend Yeol’s advice too. If at some point you make more than 10M in profits each year, try to add some train routes to see how things go. You can make a lot more money with trains if you plan your routes out good enough. But that will take with time and experience. Just get a good feel for the game and see how it works and you will be fine bud.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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