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    I have no idea what im doing wrong.  I have followed guide and copied peoples set ups but buses make a loss and people wont even touch the trains. as soon as I figure how to upload a saved game you guys are welcome to take a look.  its annoying because I really wanted to like this game as I was obsessed with locomotion but im either missing something or just plain pants.


    Keep trying. Game works well, but has steep learning curve.  :-]

    Hint: Goods give best profit. Bus lines in the range of one city are about zero-plus at the best.


    My tips (such as they are).

    * When you start a new game, don’t do anything for 1 year but put it on high speed.  (Or do that now).   Now pause it.  Turn on the Cargo overlay.  You’ll be surprised how many industries are doing nothing but there’s some materials and goods moving from some raw materials, to processing plants, and on to towns.  That’s where you want to set up your transportation.  Be sure to use a cargo station and put it near the industrial part of town.
    * Trains aren’t always the answer.  My trains running a forest>sawmill>town was losing money fast.  Switched to horse-drawn wagons and was making some nice profit.  (This was early in the game though).
    * Once you have a goods route running and making money, then you can think about setting up a ‘bus’ route (well, stagecoach) in town to connect all the parts.  You might have to add some additional road at the end of roads to connect them together and make your routing easier.  Plan ahead- you’ll need to add a passenger station near your residential or tourist section.
    * Making money now?  If you have more than 3 million, pay your loan down.  That’s costing you $30K a year.
    * Pick a good size nearby town.  Add a ‘bus’ service to it.  Once it’s up and running profitability, add passenger station near the residential or tourist sections of both towns.  Now you can add a passenger train between the two, with the ‘busses’ feeding passengers to the stations.
    * Just remember 3 things: 1) the shorter the route, the less cars you need, the shorter the time it takes to complete the route, the less the expenses.  2) Start small and insure it’s profitable before you move on.  3) Never be afraid to ditch something that isn’t profitable and try something else.


    thanks guys I will try tomorrow



    I start differently but also making money:

    Start in a sort of big(ger) town (use sort-on-inhabitants in the town list), search for a nice place for a passenger station, also look around to see how many connection you need in the future and drop a 2, 3, 4 or 5 platform station. Also target a town nearby for your first railway connection.

    Create from this first station a busline in town 1. Trough in around 6 buses or horse wagons.

    Go the next target town. Do the same in the target town, create a station and busline.

    Wait a while until the buslines are making money.

    Create a railway between the stations and buy a train and set-up a line.

    Most of this (if not all) can be done with the 2 Mil. starting money)

    Wait now until the railway is making money, usually within a few years ….

    The start looking for your first (wagon) connections on goods ….




    that’s what I am doing dk115.

    I start in 1950 then find a town with one near by then set up a bus route in each and run 2 or 3 busses clockwise and then the same anti clockwise. then I create a train link but it always makes a loss and just gets worse. Does some one have a seed that they have made money on and I will try on there.



    I found that a tram line between 2 large cities can be more profitable than a train line 🙂

    2014 12 17 00001
    upload pic


    how can I upload a save game



    Do not make two bus lines in one town. I  still trying, but making money with more then one line in a town seems almost impossible … one bus line with six bses on the other hand almost always makes money. A bus or tram line between cities will make (a lot of money). This is why some people call it Bus fever. I do not use this often because I want to play with a lot of Train connections …

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    Depends on what yearI start in. If 1850, I’ve found the horse drawn stuff to be too slow to make much, if any, money. Use the fast forward tip and see wht industry is producing, then give it a goods line. Once that’s running, get a small branch line for passengers up and running and then leave the game to build. Remember to use savegames to be able to go back a year or two should a change not have made money.

    If starting in 1900, get a couple of truck lines going for goods and then build a small passenger line, the same as above then and you should see steady growth.

    Make sure you have the balance mod installed, makes the game make MUCH more sense economically.


    so I got the balance mod but now the game is broken.  it wont let me get rid of roads or even upgrade them saying its a maid connection bypass required, so I make the bypass but still cant do anything.


    and there is a few year gap where I cant buy a passenger car


    After the new patch, I would not recommend any mod. Especially for new players.

    Add buss lines. It very depends line layout and a city size. In the start up cities I make 2-4 bus lines with 4-6 stops. It makes some profit. Frequency about 60s. However, inner city transport should be considered as a feeder for trains. Inner city transport never gives serious money.

    Nice bus-lines at the begining are city to city. In each city 4 stops at the particular district center. Green/blue/yellow/red. Keep in mind that people needs back and forth.

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    thanks for the feedback and help guys. I have downloaded the balance mod edit 55 and played on easy mode and flat land and oh my god i am making millions with shity lines lol.  I am going to try a harder setting tonight and go from there.

    I am really annoyed they have released the game way too early in what i would class as beta but that is my opinion.

    has anywone got any pics of thier cities and towns? i just fancy a look



    Best way for start a good Passenger Transport System.

    First pauze the game in the beginning of the game and find the 2 biggest cities.

    In one of the city build a trainstation at the adge of the residential zone and industrial zone.

    Make a medium busstation next to it and make a busroute. All my busroutes are designed te same way.

    From the busstation to the industrial zone and than to the residential zone and back to the station.  The busroute cross the rest of the zones if possible. Use about 10-15 busstops. People travel most of the time from home to work. Do not make a busroute the other direction because the traveltime from home to work will increase and most of the time it’s not profitable.

    One busline in the begining is good. Make a round troughout the city. Not a straight line.

    Do the same in the other city.

    When this is done, look for the best flat route for the train and can you take other city within your route. So when this is true, make the station and busroutes.  Connect the two city first and make a trainroute. When you have money enough to conect it to another station, do it. If the waiting time is longer than 12 minutes, buy an another train.

    About a year the line will become profitable.

    When the city grows you can make tramroutes. I use them in an straight line over the bordes of the zone to the side of the city. The busroutes cross the tramroutes so pessangers can switch lines. Only do this in a big city because of the income of those lines. Longer busroutes (more than 20 stops) are not profitable of the long traveltime.

    Hold your rolling-stock young, because the extra cost. And buy the faster buses and train. The frequency will be higher and more profitable.

    Use it as a tip and good luck with your games.

    I Connect al cities together with 5 trainlines. (not more than 4 cities on one line) and in every city atleast 1 busroute and 4 cities one tramline. I make a profit of 22 milion a year in 1943. And i didn’t use the possibility to use cargo. So when you use that……

    Sorry for my bad english by the way:)

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