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    I love trains and i own most train building games. This title came as a surprise as i was “hopefully” waiting for Chris Saywer to announce another train building game. I’m afraid i will have to wait a loooong time. So yeah, this title was a surprise. Last year i installed it, played it for about ten minutes, closed it rapidly and continued Locomotion like i never had touched TF. Now, a year later the hunger for better graphics decided to step into TF for a serious go. Now…the game MUST have potential looking at the enormous amounts of brilliant mods and the amazing tracks people build. Looking at the last factor i am afraid the game isn’t for me. When i see tutorials on You Tube were people show how to terraform terrain with pieces of road, deleting them just to make the game accept a bridge, tunnel, sunken station etc..they are hardcore dedicated! Whatever i do and how hard i try to plan into the far future, i always end up teeth-grinding because the game does not allow me to build a bridge over tracks, does not allow me to lay double track over a bridge, tunnels, roads etc etc.
    I have been able to make some good money with trains and i love the models, the textures, the sounds. But i’m afraid that is not enough for me. I like complex RORO stations with free platform for all trains (TTD Open  / Locomotion model) were crossings are a huge puzzle. In TF a train is bound to a platform which restricts the game in complexity.
    Building a railyard for visual purposes is easy, making it a working railyard were stationed trains can be called in for duty is another story. So there it is…for me, unfortunately, the complexity of the game is in the terrain that restricts me in what i want to build. I wished the complexity would be the ten platform RORO station with free platforms for trains.  In order to avoid the dull discussion about free platforms (not bound to trains) that it is not reality, maybe an option to set the platforms as you wish would be an idea. Anyways, i hope one day the game will be more accessible when it comes down to the teeth-grinding terrain and more challenging when it comes down to track building and routing.


    You can build roads over tracks. … create a road over a line and then press the “m” or “n” keys to raise or lower the road. Make sure there is enough length in the road.

    I am sure there will be mods for different bridge options in the future.

    I agree with you on making a working railyard.


    I agree with you a lot.  Don’t hold your breath waiting for Chris Sawyer to develop a new Locomotion however.  I saw an interview where he said he had no interest in doing so.  He did however make a new version of “Transport Tycoon” for mobile devices.

    I have found a few railroad transportation games in Google Play.  Not all that great but I will say these simple games have better animation than Train Fever when it comes to cargo loading and unloading.  I hate the static look of the industries in Train Fever,  Makes the game feel so unfinished.








Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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