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    First of all ,thanking for the team develop good game, i like it.forgiving me that my english is bad, i typing this words spent my lots of time.


    1.bus/tram station or lager bus/tram station have a capacity of 30 peoples waiting one line only? I have not seem more than 30 never. it is so unreasonable….I have seem 44 peoples waiting in a stop,just one line.

    2.If a line contain 3 stations:A,B,C, the sequence is A-B-C-B. I discover that peoples from A just go to B and from B to C. If people which live A, sending them to C, I have to create a new line to transport passagers from A to C. It is not like reality.Is passagers could be transported by multy trains?

    3. i can not understand that how train single light works. I have played “Train and Truck tycoon”. they are different.. Someone should release a tutorial to explain it


    1. I need minimap…

    2.City develop too slow. From 1900 to 1970,population is from 284 to 395…..I satisfy factories good needing.

    3.Let me transport more things, improve freight


    If someone have answer,please tell me or live link address.



    If people in the game have their car, no doubt that they driving their car is most quick. if that is true ,who will use my mass transport?


    Hi There,

    Have a read through some of the posts on this forum, there are ones related to signalling and town growth, a lot of the posts are tagged and so should be searchable

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    thank you

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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