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    I have an original copy of Train Fever, but it seems I downloaded from Steam some kind of early version, maybe beta. What I mean:

    – no AI
    – horrible UI
    – lack of content, very few kind of factories
    – crashes, bugs
    – no waypoints, dynamic stations
    – no manual
    – pathfinding errors (with trains waiting for the previous train to leave the stations when there are several free platforms)
    – very limited and static industries
    – no multiplayer
    – lack of information about further updates
    – no hybrid stations
    – etc.

    I’m clearly using some kind of beta, where can I find the finished and polished version of this game?

    Thanks in advance!


    Nope you’ve the full version.

    If you read steam you’ll see the game doesn’t have any multiplayer support (yet). manual could be found on the forum:


    And yes there are still some issues with the game, devs seems to be working on it. Other things are things you want to have, but are never promised, like hybrid stations and waypoints

     pathfinding errors (with trains waiting for the previous train to leave the stations when there are several free platforms)

    use signals

    lack of information about further updates


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    use signals

    They do not work, trains don’t go to free platforms. Unfortunately, dynamic platforms are yet to be implemented, currently platforms are assigned to the lines.

    The interactive guide is not complete, nor was made by the devs, it’s just a hobby project of one of the forum members. And the release notes are not what I want, I want information about further updates.

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    Although I didn’t pay for this game (I work as a reviewer for an online game mag, so I got a free copy) I feel somehow cheated, this is what a beta looks like, not a full version. I’ve been waiting for this game for a long time, I’ve played the game way more than I usually do to be able to write a proper review, but I simply can’t recommend this game to anyone yet. Too bad, it was quite promising.


    You have the full version, and it’s a great game.

    I’m very pragmatical, and like to dive into things to try and find out how they work. This game is very peculiar, and need a bit of understanding and technical knowlegde of programming techniques to be able to play it smoothly. I can imagine that for those who like to go by a manual to learn the howtos, they might have a bit of difficulty to grasp the game. This game lacks all type of information on how to play it. But I’m sure the developers are working on it.

    About your accusations:

    no AI? That’s how this game has been presented, so no surprise here, but as intended.
    horrible UI? UI is doing a great job! city development, cargo hubbing, path finding, signaling…. All very convincing!
    lack of content, very few kind of factories? Agree, they are working on it, Mod community is getting under steam.
    – crashes, bugs? A few, but developers are working on it on highest priority!
    no waypoints, dynamic stations? On the wish list of many, but without is’t a nice challenge to get things done.
    no manual? Agree, read above
    pathfinding errors? You mentioned in fact the lack of waypoint and alternative paths again, because the pathfinding itself is more then ok.
    very limited and static industries? The game follows the 20-minute concept. That’s fine, but also would like to sse a more complex economical model added to drive the 20-minute system. So, again, see “lack of content”?
    no multiplayer? The game never claimed to be multi-player.
    lack of information about further updates? I would also like to see the developer’s list of priorities and work-ons, but this has nothing to do with the playability of the game itself.
    no hybrid stations? Again, repetition, see “lack of content”
    etc… out of ideas?

    Your statement is true the this game lacks all information about how to play it, by what rules one has follow to make things work. It need a good manual, in-game help-tools and clear feedback reporting upon conflicts or errors! But beside that, I don’t see a lot of critisism.

    Again, as a pragmatician, I’m having a great time, and adore the challenges to get to know and understand the game. This game is a great concept with a lot of potential. I’ll recomment it to anyone who’s in for having fun with trains, trucks and busses.

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    I play Paradox Games, which are just a little bit more complex than TF, which is quite primitive compared to them. But please tell me how it is intuitive to realize for example that there are signals at the begininng and the end of the platforms? If you can’t make a game that is intuitive to learn or hide little surprises like that, write a manual. Simple as this. I understood that you enjoy exploring bugs and features, but when I started playing Transport Tycoon Deluxe in 1995 when I was a kid with zero to none English knowledge, I had plenty of free time, now I do not really. But the manual thing is just the tip of the iceberg, it’s one the lesser problems.

    Accusation is a bit strong word for my list, sorry if I repeated myself about the content, but I guess you might understood my point.

    Yeah, it’s hard to see a lot of criticism in my list, because there isn’t many. Maybe I just expected too much, a game that incorporates features of OpenTTD with some modern stuffs and hence the disappointment. Still, I enjoy watching the steamers in the train cam for minutes or lurking in the towns in close view watching my trains from afar.

    Sure, I have pretty ambivalent feelings about this game. It’s such a huge missed opportunity that it makes me feel pain.


    I don’t see it as a missed opportunity, in the contrary, I see a couple of young and devoted developers who are eager to present their first “child”. They wrote a very promising game, with lots of flexibility. I’m convinced they will do anything to make this game work, as it’s their pet-game.

    And one can see more and more that the gaming industry is launching games with a total lack of content with too many bugs for the community to debug and report. The testing phase has been pushed out to the community. And with DLC’s they’ll have a nice extra income to deliver the lack of content afterwards, in little pieces. I don’t agree with these evolution, but alas…

    I adore also the complex Paradox games with my personal number one, without contest: Crusader Kings 2


    I couldn’t agree more. It’s really two different approaches to game development, I guess. You can either polish a game, fill with content, make it final, then release it OR you can release an early version with lesser content, maybe more bugs but it’s still enjoyable to the community so why not release it. I might be old-fashioned, but I prefer the former, because it wouldn’t be the first time when the missing content (and even bugfixing) is filled with DLC for cash, which method I really despise. And that’s why I might have reacted more impulsive for this release version of TF than I usually do. But of course I might judge early, and these guys won’t be like that.

    I bloody love CK2! Especially with the Game of Thrones mod I just found a couple of days ago. But my all time favourite is Vicky2. I hope Paradox will release a 3rd episode with the EU4/CK2 engine, that would be just awesome. But it seems HoI4 will be out earlier 🙂





    You’re not working for an online mag. You sound like a disappointed customer – but as you’ve mentioned above: you didn’t paid for this version. But you feel cheated.

    Did you got your “free copy” from a filesharing portal? They’re full of Train-Fever versions. People downloading this 4 free are just a bunch of ass*oles. Train-Fever isn’t expensive. I got it by amazon boxed for 20,– Euro. Other games, which are way more buggier (like the ea or ubisoft ones) are selled around 60 / 70 Euro – with a LOAD of lesser gameplay!


    Yes, Train-Fever needs to get polished a little bit. But it’s running fine on my system. I like the ui and signals works too. So please make a good bug list and post it in this forum or stop trolling. Sarcasm is the wrong way to inform the developers of your feelings.

    Sorry, but i love this game. It’s a long time, that i spent 100+ hours for a game. And to be honest: I like this one more than Transport Tycoon Deluxe (which i’ve played every day for hours on an 486 DX4/100 – at it has stuttered too, if there were was too much traffic! Way more stuttered then Train-Fever on full load).



    Throwing accusations like these is a pretty harsh, it this how you communicate by default?

    No, I didn’t get my free copy from filesharing, feel free to add me on Steam (winghun), and you can see that yourself. Then go to http://www.playdome.hu/cikk/40820/the-golf-club, where you can see my latest article, check the author (Szerző), which will be Wing. You can figure out the rest, then I’ll accept your apology which I guess you will certainly make after accusing me of lying and piracy.

    I understand that you love this game. I don’t, and you should understand this as well, mainly because I feel that it an is unfinished and quite untested game.


    My kind of communication depends on communication of other people. So because of this i will for sure not apology myself. As an wannabe-tester you should your words more “diplomatic” after trolling with posts like your first one in developer-forums. And don’t forget: You feel cheated, because you got your copy 4 free…

    This game may be unfinished, yes. But untested isn’t true: The alpha, beta and closed beta phase were running quite long. But you should be aware, that very much platformrelated bugs couldn’t be discovered there. Too much hard- and softwarecombinations.

    They’re working on this game. So just be patient and post “real” bugs, if you find any. For iGPU related ones… which even not meeting the necessary OpenGL 3.2 spec or amd graphic related ones (i think amd will never(!) master their opengl driver code – a lot of developers are blaming amd for bad drivers at opengl: http://www.extremetech.com/gaming/182343-why-we-cant-have-nice-things-valve-programmer-discusses-wretched-state-of-opengl and http://www.phoronix.com/forums/showthread.php?29391-Another-example-of-AMD-s-bad-opengl-support or http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=MTQ3MjI

    Blaming a game developer may be easy – but a big part of the so called “bugs” are just driver problems or the so called “layer 8” problem.

    Finally: I am playing the 4th map for now. And i’ve discovered not one(!) gamebreaking bug. My last map had 600+ trucks and more then 150+ full length trains. The game run.

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    Just what I expected. So it is acceptable to you to falsely accuse people, and after it is revealed that you are wrong, you do not apologize. That is what I call a character. I apologize though if my first post insulted you or anyone, I just wanted to point out in a sarcastic way that it’s an unfinished game yet, which you and others indeed acknowledged. Regardless of the fact the I expected more from the release, I’ll certainly give the game a good review because in its genre it’s a good game in which people can sink a lot of hours. Just like I certainly will. Our site has around ~10.000 unique visitor a day, which is not much, and yeah, I’m a wannabe tester (because it’s a hobby for me), but if I can influence a couple of people to buy this game, it is good for the devs I guess.

    By the way, what configuration do you have? 600+ trucks and 150+ full lenght train is cool, I’m not even close to that!

    EDIT: too many enters

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