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    I hear those say ” what about helicopters or planes.” well that be just mad , What about ships some said . ok i can see something here in the 1800s there was canals with barges pulled by horses and mules to deliver goods wont be to hard for the developers in the 1900s they could have small trawlers ( tugboats) pulling barges full of goods or resources and in the modern eras a bigger cargo vessels. for transportation you can simply do a ferry service but anything longer distance would be more fesiable with a train         PLEASE DEVS dont ruin the game with AIR instead invest in our future hours of enjoyment with historical accurate boats ships trains and carriages… bad enough you make us wait so long  to even play


    I’d actually prefer if they don’t add planes or ships. I don’t see how they would be realistic on such small maps. Ships are way too slow and big and planes are way too fast and I think it’d ruin the experience.

    I don’t mind airports or harbours to make a new sort of industry, I think that’s a great idea actually. I’d love to see a harbour with goods that are ”Imported Goods” or something and airports to which a large number of people want to go to, but I think it’d be a bit ridiculous to have a plane fly just 16 KMs to another town at 500 MPH or to have a gigantic ocean liner on a tiny canal.

    Not to mention that you’d have to build a canal to be able to use boats properly, which is hugly inefficient compared to rail- or roadtransport


    So I’d actually say, don’t bother with planes or ships…


    If they add ships or planes it will be in a DLC =  It is not essential and up to you if you want install it or not 😀 I realy like the ships and planes in TransportTycoon, even it was the opposite of realistic. But Train Fever can do it even better! Like realistic long runways, correct sized aircrafts and big airports. The same with Ships.


    Good point about harbours berry, these could be set up like the sawmills, refineries, so that imported goods could be sent direct to the towns industrial areas.

    No need for ships, just a harbour where transport links could be connected to like the other industries.

    Adding, Air, Water or even Underground transport, doesn’t bother me really, I am happy with just rail and road.


    I like how ships are slow because that wont compete with train like airplanes would but still are useful in its own way like if you want to transport something across the river it will be cheaper then building a big bridge, Massive infrastructure everywhere are not realistic.


    planes would not really fit, but ships would be nice. Ferries are often used and transport by ship can Be really cheap across the largest map.

    related to this: are industries incorporating costs or just time like the passangers? Would be very unrealistic if it was time only. Many goods do not need to be transported very quickly, as long as the time of arrival is reliable.


    Sorry if I offend someone , But as it is clearly mentioned frequently that so many people want planes and ships as DLC,  Why are people constantly trying to eliminate them . Even if the developers ever decide to do it , it will be an dlc , which means you don’t have to Buy it and play it , You can just play with trains and trucks  and indeed save some money . But you have to understand that their are thousands of other fans who would love to pay and see some planes and ship , why to negate them and spread negativity of not making this an inclusive game for everyone , where everyone finds it their own and play as they wish .


    I see it like rusty, just as he and I earlier said, make it optional as DLC and/or option to have Planes and Ships.

    If you don’t like Ships or Planes, just don’t use it and you’re good to go, no need to spread hate vs planes and ships all the time.


    If the devs work it out alright, then I’d certainly like to welcome planes and ships.

    – Ships shouldn’t be a big problem of influence to the game, though they will need to make the standard rivers broader then they now are imo.

    – I can understand that people are a holding back to the idea of adding planes, this will influence the game far more then ships. The whole economy will need to be rebalanced. Also the map sizes are a discussion if they are suited/big enough to carry planes.

    – The main focus is and must be trains, I actually would like to see far more train engines and mod packs. I personally hope to see a dutch NS trainset which you also had for oTTD and Locomotion.

    Still I would like to welcome planes and boats, aslong as the devs do it right. Planes felt a bit like cheating in Transport Tycoon to me.


    I don’t mind ships at all actually, but my point is that the way this game works ships probably wouldn’t really work. I think the rivers are waaaaay too small in the maps I’ve seen to actually make ships and such work realstically.

    However, I played Transport Giant for a long time and there was one map that was great. In that map there were 2-3 big towns and all recources (oil) were on islands in the sea.
    I could see this work on TF as well. A bunch of small towns seperated by a lake or something. In that case you could use a trainline around the lake or use boats to link the towns together.

    Planes however… I seriously don’t see how that could work properly. The maps are too small for that. A plane would only need 20 seconds or so to cross the biggest map.

    So I’m pro-boat, if there will be maps that suit them.
    I’m anti-airplane in every way I guess. (Please NSA, don’t take this out of context…)


    I agree that aircraft might break the game on some level. One thing I’ve wondered is maybe they could do something like in A-Train 9 where you can build an international airport as a passenger destination/starting point to enhance your transportation network.

    Certainly it needs some careful thought and I’m just shooting out ideas.

    I also agree with Berry. Given the 20 minute travel time limit ships would probably be too slow. But I like his idea of ports providing and recieving cargo. At the least maybe some boats in the water for eyecandy be nice.

    Personally what I’d like to see is that as towns grow they might randomly want to construct unique buildings like chruchs, opera houses, theaters, sports arenas, convention centers, etc. Sort of a special leasure building that might serve to enhence cities and make certain lines. And that the player is given the option to influence this as a way to make lines more attractive and/or profitable.

    I think that would add to the gameplay, but again just throwing out ideas. What’d y’all think?


    I think hatred for planes is just paramount, hoping for a world without hatred and full of love.


    Imho an enlargement of the map size to 32×32 km, 64×64 km or bigger ones isn’t impossible, otherwise the map sizes we now have wouldn’t exist.
    That would make airplanes an option.
    I don’t see, why planes could break the economy.
    The plane economy we know nowadays appears around the 1950’s and Planes are very expensive or why do you think you have to pay more in RL to fly over the Atlantic in comparison to crossing it by ship?
    The dev’s can easily, with realism as reason, design planes to have very high maintenance costs and have a starting procedure that takes 2 minutes or so, even if you have the airplane line departing immediately, whether or not there is freight.
    That would do the job imho.

    For ships, sure, the rivers need to be broadened in the generation process, maybe with a marker, up to which point a ship can cross a river.
    Maybe the map editor will deliver us island or transoceanic scenarios in the future with coastlines on the edge of the map, maybe some larger islands in the ocean with a few cities.
    And also, depending on the ship size, high maintenance costs, comparable to airplanes, so you also use ships only, when you transport huge amounts of freight over great distances.
    Also the devs, if they add ships, should think about long distance deliveries of goods, about double the distance, industries have now with their 20 min delivery radius with 40 min delivery time then.
    If the ship and planes are faster, they could fill this role.
    That wouldn’t ruin the train aspect of the game and reserve Freight ships for the medium, huge containerships and planes for the endgame era.

    But, because we have a sandbox map in the game and not some kind of campaing or scenario where you’re forced to do something, plane-haters and ship-haters or even both just can say “Scr** this s***, I stick to trains and trucks only” and theyre fine too and have their “classic” TF.


    @Azreal- Thanks for the details of how the economy and planes/ships will work.

    My sincere apologies if anyone feels offended , but i guess What me, Azreal and other fans are trying to say is that let us play the game as we want it to , and as long as it does not interferes with your way of playing the game, there is no reason to create a propoganda to not  let us enjoy the game as we want to.


    @Rusty slow down
    I’m not a beta tester and neither I know, that planes or even ships will come 100%.
    It was just a suggestion, how it could work, if the devs integrate both into the game.

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