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    Maybe there is someone with some tips on the following situations:

    Situation 1

    station A ==========double track====== station B; 2 trains; 1 line A>B

    The best most balanced situation is when train 1 leaves station A at the same time as train 2 leaves train B. But running this for a while this situation (almost always?) without human intervention becomes unbalanced, even with exactly the same trains. Reason: as soon as there are more people in station A, then station B, train 1 needs more time to load. And this makes it worse. Because train 1 leaves later, more people are waiting in B, and less in A (because trains 2 just left) train 1 even loads longer and train 2 loads faster, etc –> in the end two trains are almost the same time at station A (or B) and waiting on each other. People needs to wait a long time (when train 2 just left, or a very short time (when train 1 just left)

    How to prevent this from happing (without waypoints and/or timeschedules)?

    Situation 2

    station A ======double track ====station B =======double track ====== station C; 3 trains; 1 line A>B>C>B

    (At station B trains arriving from C are using another platform then trains from A.)

    A bit the same is happing as above. But even worse, in the end three trains ends up, is my experience, is a deadlock @ either at station A or C; train 1 waiting on 2, 2 waiting on 3 and 3 waiting on 1. Even with proper signalling.

    Same qustion: how to prevent this?

    Additionally: even at situation 1 where the platform in A (or B) is also used for another train (like

    D——-A======B) a lot of the times trains end up in deadlocks.

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    You can force a distance between the two trains (in case of 1 double line with 2 cities). Place one “one way” signal just before entering each station, without intermediate signals. At least, that’s what it logically should do. I dit not try it.

    With 3 cities you use 4 trains with the same principle. The trans stay separated. Best is when the distance between AB and BC are about the same, of course.

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