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    as the title says, i tried to create an coal burning power plant, which however would not work.

    the game always crashes if you leave the production field blank.


    i hope that can be improved as well in the future, because there could be a lot of interesting cargos that should not be consumed by cities, but rather by dedicated industries. for example the coal burning plant, an oil burning plant, an automobile logistics business (because it would be stupid to ship thousands of automobiles in the form of “goods” into cities), a metal tradings company that would receive all kinds of steel products or a construction company that receives materials.

    as long as everything has to be turned into “goods” in the end and shipped to cities, we can’t have very many different types of cargos, since the cities’ demand is quickly fulfilled and as pointed out above, some stuff would just not make sense to be shipped into the city.


    The current model of the game revolves around supplying goods to cities so they can grow, so unless power stations need to provide power to cities or trading companies sell a product out of the game world (and there is some sort of incentive for the player other than income for goods delivered there is no point in having an industry that only consumes.


    One way or another, i think the cargo system should be changed. Its just to simple right now.


    I think it works quite well and is quite realistic. It doesn’t demand materials unless its supply is being filled and the raw industries don’t produce unless the manufacturing industries require its product.


    What are your ideas as to how it should be changed?

    Traian Trante

    It’s realistic, alright, but a city shoudl not just demand goods from any industry, it shoudl demand goods from all kind of industires. A city needs both fuel, machinery and wood works to grow.


    The only problem i personally find with the economy so far is that you can’t supply a city from more than just one industry. If you try, it will take goods only from the one with a better distribution chain, the other ones will go bankrupt.


    Yeah, but you can supply multiple cities from a single industry chain and once they develop properly (i.e. start producing over 200 units) that is enough to sustain at least three cities, possibly more.



    the game revolves around transporting passengers and goods by rail. a power plant could be just as much a customer as is the cities industry.


    I agree that the industry / goods system is way too simple.

    Basically, the otherwise very well made citizens of our towns need food, shelter, fuel and clothing. This opens for a great and complex set of products. Something sufficiently rich that you hopefully will not be able to find any standard solution to optimize growth.

    One eyesore right now is that there are oil wells and oil refineries in the 1850 start. The earliest small refineries should not appear before 1860. Raw material sources should need to be discovered and seen as potentially profitable before the AI develops them, and industries should not be built unless there is a potential supply of raw materials and a market.

    Another issue I have with the towns is that they do not have a market square where locals can buy and sell their produce. Market towns were an important early generator of the need for transportation.



    A power plant wouldn’t be hard to mod into the game – On paper. Make a new industry that accepts Coal and Oil and produces an “electricity” cargo as output. Give all buildings in town a demand for “power” but don’t make it possible to transport with vehicles.

    The Power Plant would only be useful within city travel distances – The hard parts as I see it would be making it so that it only generates near a city and never in the “wild”. And making sure it will actually produce more than 25 even though you never export anything for it.


    I would like to see this, good idea, I liked that in RRT3, how cities build up because you serviced them with needed goods and passengers, it’s similar but sadly simpler in TF.
    We could maybe keep the goods system and at the same time have power plants and so on.
    If you deliver it with the needed ressources, it could give a boost to city growth.


    Stonelouse – What I was trying to get at was that goods are demanded by a city to produce more potential passengers in the form of growth, but if you have a consumption only industry it doesn’t really fit the game mechanic as the items delivered to that industry just effectively disappear. If the power station was required by a town to produce power in order to create growth (more passengers to potentially use your services) then it would make sense


    Heres how to create a power line, that i think may work:

    Create 2 industries, one that uses coal to create fuel, then the powerplant, but instead of it makeing nothing it creates fuel in a 1 to 1 ratio, Then you can choose how much fuel is to be in that line. Trye and make a truck line that transports goods to the fuel makeing industry and when its production is lets say the same as your goods producing industry, then stop supplying coal from the outside, it should now be self suffishent.

    So when the train takes the fuel from the fuel plant to the power plant it also takes the coal the power plant made back to the fuel plant.

    Just remember to set both fuel and coal to use the same wagon if you want to only use 1 train.

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