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    As a long time user of this kind of game (I basically spent hours on every single game of this kind -RT2, RT3, Locomotion, Transport Giant etc etc etc-) i would like to leave you a couple of impressions.


    The game itself is good, since friday Steam says I spent 30 hours on it (ok, my life is pretty boring), the problem is that it has some major flaw that it make it not as enjoyable as it would be.


    1st: Industries are basically useless, organizing transport and supply chain is a pain, I think a system like the one used in transport giant (with warehouse where you can store the goods and pick them up with another mean of transport to the destination and so on) it would be perfect.

    Plus: I would like to see a more developed “industrial enviroinment” like in RT3, a cities doesn’t need just generic “goods”, it would need more, steel, toys, diesel and so on.


    2nd: Vehicles

    Oh my god, I don’t know who decided the vehicle list but well… He should definitely change job.

    In the bus you have a 30-40 year jump, from the Benz O6600 straight to a modern bus (released in 1989)… Hell folks…

    Same for the trains, only one DMU, I mean, anything modern? Or something faster like the VT11.5?


    Same for the diesel loco, after the BR218 anything? Neither a good ol’ Ludmilla?


    Steam trains? No BR50 or something “proper”? The last available loco is the “Mallard” which can’t run that fast due to the fact that, as others noted, there are no proper carriage able to run over 100-120km/h.

    …and yes, carriage. Too few, too poor choice.


    Same for electric loco. You basically put just mainline locomotive, neither a DB 143 or a E69?

    What about EMU? Something else (and modern?)


    The game is good. It just miss some major things, i hope to see definitely more vehicle and more industries choices. That’s all.

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