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    In addition to three important bugs mentioned here:

    Six important improvements:

    1 Better laying possibilties and better feedback while doing the track laying. Otherwise the collision-monster is killing the game. More advanced track laying is a nightmare and costs awful amounts money. (Inclusing crossing rivers and streets)

    2 More possibilties on track laying: crossing, double switches, double tracks laying at once, double track junctions, etc.

    3 Better save and autosave possibitlies and better save dialogs

    4 Easier mod install possibilty

    5 Easier upgrade possibilties on tracks, stations, trains, buses, trams

    6 More advanced and new types of signals, including waypoints to manage trains.







    @DK115, you hit the nail on the head. If these things are implemented, it would go from a pretty decent transport sim to top 3. I’m addicted as it is, and it’s fun to try to get around the little bugs, but it would be amazing if your recommendations are implemented in a future patch or set of patches.


    You can’t even build double switches? To be honest I just thought I was doing something wrong when I tried… 😉 I appreciate the developers work with this game a lot but I still feel like there’s missing a lot of quite “basic” features.  I really enjoy the game in its current state too though. But I believe more is needed if they want the game to survive more than a couple of months.

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    Hi guys, have to agree, thought I was doing something insanely wrong trying to do double junctions!

    Would also like to have the ability to extend or enlarge stations without the destroying method i.e. by draggin a new line beside the old ones


    @4 – Found Beta Mod manager. Looks promising.

    Anyone any news on the others?


    Really hope your improvement list will get materialised, DK115. I got very addicted as well, almost instantly. Haven’t touched my beloved TS2014 for days !  😉

    I’d like to see a particularly easy improvement to see realised : get rid of all the smoke (apart from the steamlocs, naturally… ), it’s way too aggerated, from certain pov’s it looks like the whole city is on fire…

    Kudos to the devs !!




    Regarding 6,  I don’t know why a signal can’t already be used to set as a way point too. Further I don’t see why there is a need for more advanced signals. In the Train Fever system they are working elegant and very good in combination with the switches.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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