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    So I was sitting and thinking also.. in the gameplay video we see the train pulling out of the train depot.  now its a tiny building that a huge train pulls out of.. .. so I was thought about it..  it’s kinda strange, but  I understand the purpose..  now I was wondering and an idea came to mind for an alternative.

    We don’t have rail yard right.. and the only tycoon game that I have seen that has had yards was Chris Sawyers locomotion.  So My thought was..  instead of having the train depot.. what about a yard?  could have say 6-8 tracks and some of the tracks would be occupied except for maybe 1 or 2? and on those 2 empty tracks the train you buy and set a route for would spawn on those rails. It would pull out of the yard and head down its tracks.

    I also had a questions and thought to the industry stations.   So for example lets take and oil factory and turns oil into gas.  now Idk how its going to work to how a train knows how many cars to take.. But  lets say a train pulls into the industry station or perhaps a yard.  and drops off its train cars.   Lets say on one of the tracks in the train yard has the train depot that spawns trains. perhaps a locomotive could come out.. retrieve them and pull them into the depot and bam cars are delivered.  this is one thought.

    Another would be  say the oil facility produced 10 cars worth of gas for a train to pick up.  perhaps a loco could come out of the depot in the industry yard pushing a tanker car that was full to an empty track.. or a track that a train when pulling into the yard would take.  That engine would push the tanker to a position for the main line train to pull, but also shows how many cars are available to be taken..   when another fuel car is full the shunter engine would push another car out and connect it to the other tanker car full on the track for the main engine to pull.. etc etc..

    Thought it would be pretty cool, as its not 100% simulating shunting movements, its simplified enough to a reasonable point perhaps not to really inhibit gameplay.  Now if the main line engine pulls into the yard it pulls the cars available and goes.. as it starts off even say it moves a meter to a new destination and the yard loco starts pushing another car into place, the train pulling the consist would not take that car, the new tanker is put onto the track for another train to pull. Perhaps a wait until full check mark could be made.  Main line loco sits connected to its consist until the shunter engine pushes the right number of cars out to be taken determined by your preset load out.

    I hope what I said above makes sense. If you need me to clarify more I’d be more then happy to.


    Bump… anyone?


    Our world is limited and this influences the size of some buildings. The depots aren’t that important for gameplay, as they are mainly used to buy trains. Usually, there aren’t many trains in the depot (as they don’t make any profit there), so a railyard would use up a lot of space without a real benefit. In contrast, the train stations are used very frequently, so their size is more realistic.


    This is actually a good idea. I do not know if the game will have a mechanic for maintenance but a yard would serve a great purpose for that reason. It also looks eye-candy but maybe it can be added down the road?

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