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    Skumle Rafte

    When building long bridges or tunnels I often end up with large pieces of tracks that I then later cant delete. I figured that in some cases I can break up the tracks by cutting them up  in pieces by adding an intersection. but not always, and never with tunnels.

    First I though, well they will patch it at some point, but now in late game it reached a point where its game breaking.

    I’m not the only one right?

    any way to fix it?


    It is a little annoying and costly to delete these long track peices. I wish there was a way to simply delete these tracks like an eraser tool. But I am currently more eager to see performance optimization and other features like waypoints, autoreplacement, etc.


    I had this happen too and I don’t build using long pieces but I needed a tunnel in one place and ended up changing it but couldn’t delete the tunnel for nothing and because of it, I ended up having to start a new game. This definitely needs to be fixed.


    I had this problem a lot to, but for me the solution is to find the middle of the tunnel track (middle of two sections) and then delete (bulldoze) this works for “indestructible tracks” of all length and sizes , if you have problem finding the track you can first activate the track building tool then locate the middle and delete.

    Hope this method works for you also.


    I had exactly the same problem yesterday. Wanted to rebuild my main train line but couldn’t remove two long tunnels. After a while, when pausing, unpausing the game, viewing the tunnels from many different angles and moving the cursor wildly, it was possible to remove both of them, but it was annoying anyway. Actually, this is the first time I had this problem after 140 hours of playing. Isn’t it caused by the latest patch???

    Talking about the destruction tool, it’s quiet uncomfortable to use anyway. When holding the cursor over a track you want to destroy, you have to find some spots, where its possible. Moving the cursor slightly (but still hanging clearly over the track) means you can’t destroy it from there. Destroying longer tracks gets frustrating. It has to be possible to destroy a piece of track from ANY point over that track.

    Skumle Rafte

    Mono: Finding the middle spot did also worked for me a few times, but I also have a few tunnels and bridges that I simply cant delete.

    Re the latest patch, its been like this a while.

    Also agree with Rysi that zooming in and out while destroying/erasing/deleting is such a pain.

    Skumle Rafte

    With enough patience I was able to find the middle spot of all my tunnels a REAL pain though, also I found out that some bridges was depended on some other tracks to be destroyed before I was able to take them down, strange thing was that they where not even connected anymore.

    Thanks for the replies, made me wanna try one last time, and it finally worked.


    I have the same problem… thanks for describing how to demolish them.  It would be helpful if the devs could make demolishing tracks and tunnels as easy as it is to convert them to high-speed/electric track.  It seems like all they’d have to do is to apply the code from that tool to the bulldoze tool to make it much easier.

    It would be nice if it was easier to place an extra track along an existing tunnel.  Sometimes it works, and sometimes it tells you there is a terrain conflict.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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