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    I know there’s topics on this but wasn’t sure if I wanted to derail someone elses topic.

    I play a small map and I want to feed a city with goods. Currently city has 1/47 cargo supply.

    I found a steel mill nearby but the closest raw mats is quite far away (more than half map distance horizontally, small map).

    The trucks I use can do 100 km/h. I did not set load full on any of the lines. My truck was doing 80 km/h when I set up both lines (raw to steel mill, steel mill to city) with 1 truck each and checked frequency, total time was about 12 minutes. Since then I upgraded to largest road so trucks go 100 km/h (I’m assuming total time should be around 10m now) and also set up other trucks so frequency shows 89 and 36 sec.

    Iron mine production is 2/25, steel mill is 0/25. The city is not getting goods from elsewhere. Both industries show line in use: Yes.


    Seems to me travel time should be under 20min with adding some manual carrying (station to industry etc) so I can not figure it out why this doesn’t work. In past I also tried this line with rail but due to massivel losses (-3m) canceled that one, but the industries didn’t start producing even with 4 trains running 180 km/h. This looks like either a bug or maybe there’s some element I am missing? If anyone has some idea please share.


    I’m also attaching the saved game if anyone feels like checking it.

    This is all at bottom of map. Iron ore is transported by trucks on line # 36 to steel mill. From there trucks should pick the goods up using line # 37 and carry it to the city of Dartmouth.


    (btw there’s some tunneled / bridged rails I can not delete… anyone had something similar?)

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    I solved it by first grouping the stations at the steel mill, then I added a station at the coal mine north of the iron mine and remade line 36 to: coal mine > iron mine > steel mill. It’s working fine at my end now. Good luck


    That is pretty weird but thanks a lot for testing and providing a solution! I wasted decades (and hours rl time) trying to make it work. 🙂

    I never used grouping before, will have to check that. Maybe it would be easier to have only 1 station but I preferred to have separate drop and pickup stations so the loading queue doesn’t block the incoming raw mats. As it is trucks block themselves on main road sometimes, some micromanagement is needed (seperate road pieces) to prevent it, and then cargo has to walk more. Ah well. I am hoping this will improve a little bit, but then apparently I still have a lot to learn as well.

    Thanks again!

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