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    I am wondering if anyone else than me struggles with production of goods from raw materials industries. I set trains to carry the materials to an industry accepting the specific material, but I only get 1 out of 25 production per month. I double checked if it was the right wagon type, but that was not the problem. It goes fine on one of my other industry transports (137/200 products transported), but on the last two of my routes it does not seem to get more than 1/25 prod. It takes ages to fill up the train. There is no material “leak” either (people carrying materials instead of using the train because of the 20 min rule).


    have you set up transport to take goods away from the factory?  You need to create demand for product at the factory or it won’t produce.


    stubblychin: yes. I think i know why it wont produce more. The city does not support more goods atm. It says 95/95 when i click on city name.


    I have been struggling as well.

    I cant even get raw materials produced, which means that I cant even produce finished goods to deliver to cities.

    And yes, I have connections to cities for delivery of finished goods, and well within the stupid 20 minute limit.


    Cities also have demands and you must have them in mind when you connect industries to them because if you are trying to deliver more than city needs 2 things can happen:

    a. connection from new factory won’t produce because the other factory fullfills all demands from city


    b. newly connected factory will be more attractive for town and it will take away all the demand from the previous one effectively killing earlier route.

    Remember, industries are always competing with each other for city demands in this game.

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    I haven’t had a lot of luck getting an industry to start producing when it currently isn’t, even by hooking up the full chain to a demand sink. Is there a trick to this?

    On the other hand, I have accidentally captured extra cargo because a further away station became attractive to an industry I wan’t expecting. Unlike TTD etc. you don’t have to build a station right next to every single producer – they will transport their goods along roads to it if it’s meeting their needs.


    What determines wich factory the city buys it’s goods from? Is it (raw material cost + production cost + total freight cost = consumer price?)

    Factories with with low total freight costs should be more profitable, is it so? With that logic it would be possible to upgrade a factory to lower it’s production costs.


    Where can one find the logic of the economic engine?


    It’s hopeless. Is there any way to repair this thing? I feel like I played in the demo. I can only transport people and even that is not working properly.





    As far as which goods each city accepts, I’m pretty certain that it’s just first come, first serve.

    If the entire chain is within the 20 minute window with each individual line, it should come to life within a year or two and then slowly pick up and upgrade as needed (and certainly start shipping the measly 25 raw products to the nearest station)

    The biggest traps are setting vehicles to “wait for full load” – which increases the travel time since it’s just sitting there doing nothing, and not linking up enough cities to a single factory. At the start of the game each city rarely accepts more than 30-40 goods each. That’s 4-5 cities to get to 200 production for the entire chain.


    If you have a production that is working you can get over the 25 limit. You can use Cheat Engine to manipulate what ever production you are wanting and also freeze the number so you will never lose production.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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